Low Volume Ep. 27 - Happy Birthday to Us!

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    It's almost the second anniversary of the formation of SFF Network! Join James and John (but not Joshua because he slept in :p) as we discuss the past year, muse on Intel vs AMD's CPU developments, and ramble on about a few other topics.

    Today's hosts: James Schell (@Aibohphobia) and John Morrison (@confusis).
    • 1:01 SFF Network is almost 2 years old!
    • 8:20 Vega will be a monster? Of power consumption?
    • 9:11 GIGABYTE GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI
    • 27:04 PCIe bifurcation
    • 31:09 Threadripper and EPYC: moar cores and motherboard form factors
    • 39:09 You are now entering the Twilight Zone: Intel vs AMD
    • 49:57 ECC support or lack thereof
    • 53:21 AM4 ITX M.2, Ryzen Pro, and Ryzen 2
    • 57:21 AMD socket pin counts, Windows 98, and TDP
    • 1:01:20 GPU powered egg fryer
    • 1:07:30 John's AM4 memory OC livestream
    • 1:09:58 Future plans for SFF Network
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    And Joshua, you get a carrot.
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    Happy Birthday!!! *starts singing happy birthday song*
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    Congrats on the birthday! I love this forum, think the design and people are better/cooler to all the others I've seen :thumb:
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    Haven't gotten to this episode yet as I'm listening to the backlog but I just wanted to pop in and say the podcast in addition to the news site/forum are fantastic.
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