Rumor Possibility of AMD on STX form factor

Discussion in 'News' started by ASRock System, Feb 23, 2018.

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    There are so many frieds discussed about AMD solution on STX form factor.
    I told Crew ASRock had one AMD FM2+ 5x5 board....
    Let me show off one board I found on my boss's table.


    We did a very very quick research during CNY.
    AMD 2200G box fan is so high that can't be installed into our chassis.
    BUT... how about install CPU fan and heatsink separately? HAHAHA...


    Only for fun :D
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  2. confusis

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    I love it!
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    I need this too, pweeeeeeeeeeez !
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    Oh man, STX + 65W APUs are a match made in SFF heaven. All we need is a reliable supplier of DDR4-3200 CAS 14 SO-DIMMs now.
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  6. owliwar

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    aaa this would be so perfect
    I would build my on the go workstation with one of these.
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    I'd love to revive this design with a smaller motherboard and front fan.
    This is based around ITX, 180mm front fan and HR-02 heatsink. Time to shrink it to 120/140mm front fan and a smaller heatsink (NH-D9L / NH-U9F SE2)
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  9. AleksandarK

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    ASRock is again, breaking the limits and doing something that nobody does.

    I am really amazed!
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    I would happily keep my H110M-STX as a reminder and buy this thing and some Ryzen CPU because oh my god, AM4 is my dream.
    EDIT: Also, I'm well aware there's probably an NDA to any AM4 STX board developments, but is there a projected release date?
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  11. Jello

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    Wow, that would be great. I was just pricing out a Ryzen APU system, but if there is even a slight chance of this happening, I'm holding out.
  12. confusis

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    @ASRock System it seems there is some demand for AM4 STX boards..
  13. ondert

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    STX AM4 mobo would be definitely the king of APU setup.
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    Just want to say that I am greatful you guys made the Deskmini GTX and seem to want to continue it. I hope we can see some iteration with AMD but regardless thanks for your work in the SFF field!
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    Oh, wow, yes please ASRock!
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    You guys have lots of fun at your job don't you?
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  17. ChinStrap

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    I'd buy one. 1 of the PCs I manage is a deskmini 110 and it's been a great little box.
  18. ChainedHope

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    @ASRock System Please give me an STX AM4 board. Dont care if its mini or micro, ill make it work.

    -- E:
    Can I just mark how its kind of funny that the rep here for Asrock made a rumor-flared post about Asrock lmao.
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  19. EdZ

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    "Let's put something insane in a tiny form factor!".

    Everyone else: Who would want that? Is there market research to support it?

    ASRock: Hold my beer.
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