Prototype Lazer3D ST8 - Slim Tower Case


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Feb 23, 2016
I apologise for the slow progress on this. Since many countries have gone into lockdown we've seen a substantial increase in orders, combined with schools being closed its been difficult to find much time to work on new projects!

A new prototype has been made in grey and walnut with a clear side panel. Some minor improvements have been made including increased CPU cooler clearance height up to 105mm whilst retaining the same case volume through a reduction in case height.


To test the system I'm using a Ryzen 5 2400G paired with a Gigabyte ITX GTX 1650 Super and powered by a Corsair SF450 PSU (it's all I have to hand at the moment!).

For cooling I tested both a Corsair H60 120mm AIO and then a NH-L12S in combination with a 140x25mm Noctua Chromax fan.

Full Stress = Unigine Valley + 8 threads of Prime95. All tests were left to run for 30 mins minimum until temps had settled.

Corsair H60 120mm AIO
  • IDLE - the CPU ran at 37C with a system temp of 35C and a GPU temp of 29C, fans were set to silent/quiet speeds where possible.
  • FULL STRESS - the CPU ran at 75C with a system temp of 43C and a GPU temp of 64C, all fans were set to max RPM

Routing the AIO tubes was fairly straight forward, they folded round either side of the radiator:

There is sufficient clearance between the pump and fan with the Corsair H60, there may not be room for thicker pump/radiator combos from other brands:

The Radiator/Fan can be mounted either to the rail mounts, or for an extra 6mm of clearance they can be mounted directly to the side panel:

NH-L12S with 140mm Noctua Fan
  • IDLE - the CPU ran at 39C with a system temp of 38C and a GPU temp of 31C, fans were set to silent/quiet speeds where possible.
  • FULL STRESS - the CPU ran at 74C with a system temp of 47C and a GPU temp of 67C, all fans were set to max RPM

Surprisingly the NH-L12S held its own against the H60 AIO with very similar CPU temps under stress and gaming. But with the H60 exhausting all CPU heat straight out the case, it helps to achieve lower temps elsewhere in the system with the GPU running a few C lower.

Some notes on the Gigabyte ITX GTX 1650 Super - I would not recommend this particular model due to the fan noise. For some reason Gigabyte decided not to include a fanless (zero RPM) idle mode, which in my opinion for a £165 card is not acceptable. To make it worse the lowest they allow the fan to spin is 1900 RPM, meaning it idles at around 30C! You can control the fan speed and curve, but 1900 RPM is the lowest it will go even in MSI afterburner.

The fan noise is about what you would expect for a 92mm fan running at 1900 RPM, but it's just too noisy for idle usage and is more in line with what you would expect it to sound like whilst gaming. This fan noise was present with and without the side panel fitted, it is not from vent turbulence.

If anybody knows a way to reduce the fan speed please let me know!


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Sep 29, 2019
Really like the latest design! I think you’ve nailed the look with the wooden strip and grey colour on the front!

Would there be an option for some form of front I/O? Maybe just one USB-C port on the side or the top would keep the clean design?

Love the work!
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Jun 7, 2016
How strict is the new 105mm cpu cooler height? Because that's only 5mm away from the 110mm height of the NH D9L which would allow for taller ram and better cooling on boards like the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 which can't fit the lower profile coolers due to the chipset heatsink.


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Nov 22, 2017
It's still a work in progress, nothing is fixed at this point. It's a case of where do you stop to keep the theme of the concept intact and at the same time try and satisfy a good range of buyer build options.

I've had lengthy chats with @K888D about potential coolers for the case, a Dark Rock TF without the top fan is 105mm.
In an attempt to keep the design as minimal as possible and where he was at with dimensions for protoype 1, supporting "Up to" the Dark Rock TF at 105mm was a sensible choice. It also opened up better ram (and pump) options for AIO builds.

I do believe if you want air cooling for the case C-Type (i.e top down) is the way to go, I also think you want something close the side panel to minimise recirculation. 90mm+ heights will be the ball park to shoot for.
As shown the NH-L12S with a 25mm top fan (95mm total) is showing good results already. And with the bottom fan removed still gives you good options for various ram heights and in your situation with the TB3 it will clear that chipset heatsink.

As soon as Covid subsides, I'll supply @K888D with some hardware that he doesn't have right now to test some builds out ;)
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