Prototyping Lazer3D - LZ XTD - Alternative Designs

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    If anyone is curious a RTX 2080Ti can in the standard case, with a small caveat :)

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    Ha ha! I guess your waiting for the XTD panels then?!
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    Yes, I am patiently waiting. Unfortunately my PSlate Custom MB cable does not work with my new SF600 for some unknown reason. So I am now using the stock 24pin cable until I can work out why. I sent him an email about it today. (So that is what I am really waiting for right now!)

    The only concern I have about waiting is for the end of March. I'm hoping Brexit doesn't make deliveries to mainland Europe difficult XD. But otherwise it doesn't both me so much, extra airflow is always nice!
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    Strange, did it work with a previous power supply?

    I have no clue how Brexit is going to affect Lazer3D, if the pound drops in value against the Euro/Dollar then that could mean the cases will be cheaper for you guys, but I guess it also depends on what happens with raw material costs.

    In terms of shipping though I can't see this being affected, we can get pretty reasonable rates to most countries worldwide including those that aren't part of Europe.
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    Sent you an email reply as well, but this is due to the 24 pin not having the sense (double) wires on it. You can get away without them on Silverstone and the SF Gold PSUs, but the SF Platinum needs these to be stable. No problem sending you a replacement though, just send me a reply confirming your address!
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    Thanks again for your quick response, we can continue emailing each other since its now OT :)