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  1. riba2233

    Production SFFtime presents: P-ATX, the 9L case with ATX and AIO support!

    Hi guys! I would like to present you my case that I've been working on for some time now, the P-ATX. P-ATX prototype: Complete gallery: Please bear in mind that this is not how the final product would look, it will be powder coated and anodized and thus have much better...
  2. wesbl

    Fanless Kaby Lake M-ATX

    This is my new silent beast: CASE: Jonsbo C2 MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte GA-H270M-DS3H CPU: Intel i7-7700 HEATSINK: NOFAN CR-95C RAM: NR.4 CMK16GX4M1A2400C14 (64GB DDR4 2400Mhz) SSD: CRUCIAL MX300 1TB M.2 HDPLEX 300W AC-DC + 400W DC-ATX HDPLEX ATX PSU BRACKET I had to open the top cover for fix the...
  3. Colinreay

    Other Monolith Files! 2017-08-04

    This zip file contains all of the necessary DXF files (for laser cutting), STEP files (for modifying), and STL files (for 3d printing) to make your own monolith, or even customize it to your liking (add new vents, increase the case size, etc.) I'm working on a fully fledged google Doc that...
  4. confusis

    SFF Network ASRock Reveals M-ATX AM4 Boards

    With Ryzen and AM4 just around the corner, information on SFF-orientated AM4 motherboards has been scant. With only ATX leaked or shown so far, we were afraid that we'd see a LFF (large form factor) launch. Fear not though, with not one, but two boards from ASRock, the AB350M Pro4 and the AB320M...
  5. K888D

    Production Lazer3D - LZ XTD - Alternative Designs

    The LZ7 mini cube case is intended to be part of a range of cases that cater for different SFF needs, I have tried to create a design that can easily scale up and down in size. I was going to work on a smaller case that would be named the LZ5, but there has instead been quite a bit of interest...