Lazer3D Launches the HT5 - and a Giveaway!

We looked at Lazer3D's HT5 case a short while ago, and it came away with a fantastic rating. The case is now available for purchase at Overclockers UK and via! For more info on the launch, click here.

With the launch, let's give one away! The review sample unit that Lazer3D sent to SFF Network is up for grabs - including the one-off laser etched faceplate.

To enter, all you need to do is comment in this forum thread - let us know which of the Lazer3D products is your favourite - the LZ7, the HT5 or the upcoming CG7.

We will pick the winner at random at 20:00, 1st November 2018, New Zealand time!

Giveaway is open worldwide, except where prohibited. No purchase is necessary to enter. Shipping will be paid for by SFF Network, a division of Minutiae Media. Any taxes or Customs charges are the responsibility of the winner. Minutiae Media reserves the right to send the prize without tracking at winner's risk if shipping costs an arm and a leg. No hardware other than the HT5 case will be included. Standard terms and conditions apply.


Trash Compacter
Jun 18, 2018
I'd say the LZ7 is my favourite because it makes the best use of its volume, however the HT5 looks really good, and I know someone who could use one.


King of Cable Management
Jan 19, 2017
Ht5 is def my favorite. It’s beautiful and excellent use of space. The modularity of it make it pure excellence.


Caliper Novice
Jun 23, 2018
I honestly think think the HT5 is my top pick.

With the new AMD APUs that are on the market this is going to be one of if not the top HTPC cases you can get.

I also really like the CG7 but I keep coming back to this one.


Trash Compacter
Sep 13, 2017
I think all of the Lazer 3D cases are awesome. That said, I think the HT5 is most certainly my favorite - not because I think it is better than the others but because I don't think there is any other case that really competes with it, other than maybe the Chopin, for APU builds.

Most APU build cases seem to be designed with the idea in mind that they should be tucked away and hidden, but the HT5 just really shines in its design elements as a show case piece that you can set on your media center - arguably where it was designed to go - without sacrificing all the space that some more traditional 'media center' boxes take up, or just looking too reminisce of the late 90's 'home theater' vibe.

The LZ7 is cool most certainly a neat case, but since it's debut I feel like cases that may 'do it better' have released with similar limitations, so the LZ7 has become a style choice more than feeling a niche I think it once did.

The CG7 I think sits in an interesting place, basically designed with a media center in mind (at least from my take) - but able to cram a touch more power, while enviable I'm just not sure it is necessary, so I have to give the slight edge to the HT5.

I'm thrilled to see what else K888D can help bring to fruition, be they his design or the communities.
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Minimal Tinkerer
May 18, 2018
HT5 is a good, lightweight HTPC case. But my personal favorite is the LZ7 for its use of standard components: no risers, no PSU extension cables, etc.


King of Cable Management
Silver Supporter
Oct 11, 2015
I was initially impressed with the LZ7, but I really liked the prototype front panel on the demo HT5 that @confusis has reviewed.
Among other plans I have running round my head, I still would like to make a small light gaming rig with a Low Profile 1050Ti in it...


Efficiency Noob
Sep 30, 2017
I own a LZ7 black with green edges and i love it! It performs amazing with a noctua cpu cooler. I was even able to overclock my ryzen in it. Simply beautiful.


Destroyer of PCs
A&M Solutions and Design LLC
Jul 30, 2018
I would like one, my fav is the L27. And thanks for making replacement parts available

Edit: HT5 is way better looking, so that's my fav
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Airflow Optimizer
Feb 22, 2017
Although the design personally isn't my style aesthetically (still nice though of course!) the LZ7is just so utilitarian, so I would have to choose it! I love the designs of the smaller units, very nice and could fit in an industrial or mid-century modern office really well. Keep up the beautiful work SFF Guru!


Cable Smoosher
Aug 7, 2016
I was a huge fan of the LZ7 from the very start. It represents the platonic ideal of SFF for me.