What happens in Vegas... we'll share with you all here! (+ a giveaway!)

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    Hey all,

    I'm excited to share that SFF Network will have our largest-ever crew on-location at CES 2019 this week! As the conference progresses, be sure to check out the forum and SFF Network for updates from us as we prowl the show floor, looking for what's next in the SFF space (and maybe-probably-definitely getting into the occasional shenanigans).

    In celebration of the exciting week to come, I'd also like to kick off what is probably our biggest giveaway to date! On the workshop table we have a collection of pretty solid gear to give out, including:

    One (1)
    Silverstone CS280 NAS chassis... for that 60TB media library you've always wanted but never had the room for.

    Two (2)
    Silverstone SX650-G PSUs... for a new SFF build that's truly without compromise.

    One (1)
    Corsair h115i RGB Platinum 280mm AIO... for people without taste. Erm, I mean, for people who like lights and colors and stuff, I guess. No judgement here.

    One (1)
    Noctua C14S... For efficient-as-hell cooling, whether you care about performance or acoustics.

    One (1)
    ASRock X399m... For when 16 cores just isn't enough.

    To enter the giveaway, simply share in this thread what you're looking forward to this year – be it SFF related or not! Standard T's and C's apply below. We will draw one winner for each of the prizes sometime next week. Entries will be closed on Friday, January 11, 2019 at 11:59 EST.

    Giveaway is open worldwide, except where prohibited. No purchase is necessary to enter. Shipping will be paid for by SFF Network, a division of Minutiae Media. Any taxes or Customs charges are the responsibility of the winner. Minutiae Media reserves the right to send the prize without tracking at winner's risk if shipping costs an arm and a leg. No hardware other than what's specified is included. Standard terms and conditions apply.
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  2. rfarmer

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    Really looking forward to an announcement from AMD, hoping some of the rumors actually come true.
  3. GuilleAcoustic

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    Count me in :D !!!

    I'm hoping for a strong comeback from AMD on the GPU side as well as more information about Intel dGPU.

    Also, if 2019 could be the end of RGB and 24pins ATX .... :p
  4. dragon50305

    dragon50305 Trash Compacter

    I'm looking forward to the AMD announcement tomorrow as well as all of the new freesync monitors that are now available to me thanks to Nvidia finally allowing freesync. I'm also looking forward to my first true sff build ;)
  5. AfterInfinity

    AfterInfinity Chassis Packer

    Can't wait to find out more about tha SF750 PSU by Corsair and hopefully I'll see some mini-ITX enclosures?
  6. PBJ

    PBJ Caliper Novice

    Looking forward to a case manufacturer that focuses on build quality!
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  7. FoskcoRS5

    FoskcoRS5 Designated LMG

    Looking forward to winning the NAS chassis!
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  8. NuclearLemons

    NuclearLemons SFF Lingo Aficionado

    certainly interested in all these fantastic custom waterblocks people are making over here, the posibility of a liquid cooled sentry draws ever closer!
  9. JDK

    JDK Trash Compacter

    Really looking forward to Ryzen 3000 as well as some SFF cases (DAN A4/C4, Mjölnir, PS1 like case)! Also looking forward to using my new G-Sync monitor, which should arrive tomorrow (I've been waiting a looooooooong time for a good deal on this one).
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  10. Aguda33

    Aguda33 Cable Smoosher

    Like many I am eagerly awaiting the AMD keynote speech and what new CPU's are on offer. Hoping for a quick release of the Ryzen 5 2400G replacement so I can assemble my J-Hack Project Pure case. Thanks for the chance to win one of the great products!
  11. comagoosie

    comagoosie Trash Compacter
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    My pocketbook is not looking forward to anything.

    Me, I'm always excited for more energy efficient processors.
  12. |||

    ||| King of Cable Management

    CES, here we come!
  13. Jaeryd

    Jaeryd Cable Smoosher

    I am hoping to hear something exciting from AMD, on both the processors and the GPUs.
  14. Nord1ing

    Nord1ing Trash Compacter
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    Waiting for Ryzen 3000 to upgrade my 1600x to 8c16t minimum in my ncase m1 :)
  15. MJVR1

    MJVR1 SFF Lingo Aficionado

    I'm particularly excited to see whats new for laptops. I don't spend a lot of time at home so laptops have become my main device.
  16. Nanook

    Nanook King of Cable Management

    I am looking forward to getting my hands on the
    Chimera MachOne
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  17. 3feetcat

    3feetcat Cable Smoosher

    Threadripper definitely. AMD YES!
    64 core in one socket, who can miss that?

    Hope this year they fixed the lag problem. It wasn't a very good experience using the first gen thread ripper.
    *if it's truly 64 core this year then I won't complain about it.
  18. JDragon

    JDragon Caliper Novice

    Looking forward to the new AMD processors and for some new premium SFF cases to hopefully hit the market (looking at MachOne and Mjolnir right now)
  19. Brude27

    Brude27 Average Stuffer

    I'm finally about to own my first true SFF case, so I'm very excited about that! I canceled my long awaited Ghost order after all the QA issues arose (I just can't with that), and went with the Ncase M1 instead. :)

    I also kind of hate myself for this one... but I really can't wait for Anthem. All signs point to it being a huge letdown (EA, EA owned Bioware... EA... EA), but I still really want that game to be awesome!

    And finally... Nvidia FINALLY supporting Freesync!
  20. Drnrcr

    Drnrcr Caliper Novice

    Anything sff related to be honest.