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The fun goes on! Win with SFF Network's post-CES giveaway

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Well, CES 2017 may be officially over, but we loved it so much we'd like the festivities to continue. To this end, we'd like to announce a quick giveaway!

Up for grabs are two Reeven CPU coolers that have graced our testbench - the Reeven Steropes and the Reeven Vanxie.

All you need to do to enter is to post in this forum thread with a quick comment as to what your favorite product seen at CES 2017 was, and you're in the draw to win one of the coolers.

Competition is open to users worldwide (except where prohibited). Prize will be drawn on 21st January at 8PM NZST by random selection using Random.org. The first name drawn will have their pick of prizes, the second name drawn will win the remaining cooler. Any taxes, duties or tariffs are the responsibility of the winner. Postage will be covered by Minutiae LLC (SmallFormFactor.net)


SFF Guru
Nov 11, 2015

Pun totally intended…!!

I would say the product that most excites me is the ASRock Z270M-STX MXM motherboard…!!!


Airflow Optimizer
Oct 30, 2015
Seconding the STX-MXM board.

So much potential for Microscopic Form Factor


Trash Compacter
Feb 7, 2016
Thank you so much for the interesting articles on CES!
Yes i am also still drooling for the
ASRock Z270M-STX MXM Micro-STX


King of Cable Management
Mar 8, 2016
Honestly, the thing I liked most was SFFN being at CES. But since that isn't a product, I'll break from the pack and say the Asus STRIX Z270i Gaming motherboard for really nailing features and looks.

Runner up would be HDPlex's new and improbed 300W DC ATX.
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Efficiency Noob
Mar 2, 2016
Thought the 1080 Mini was pretty cool but the ASRock Z270M-STX MXM mobo really did stand out to me more. Imagine the possibilities with that thing. :eek:


Master of Cramming
Jun 7, 2016
I liked the super tiny Seagate m.2 ssd, I don't think that you guys covered it though.
It's so small that the they showed it on motherboard didn't have mounting standoffs.
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Average Stuffer
Feb 24, 2016
The SilverStone SX650-G did it for me. Not because of the product itself, but the power density and what it will bring in the SFX-L package.


Cable-Tie Ninja
Jun 14, 2016
While I love the ASrock m-STX board with the MXM card, I very much like the MSI Trident, especially its motherboard. I like where the PCIe connector is located on the board so that intakes for the CPU and GPU are on the same side without the need for a riser.


King of Cable Management
Sep 26, 2015
I saw a camera that can rapidly refocus (world's fastest) so it can sequentially take pictures at various depths. The result is that you can refocus the image or do other tricks with processing, similar to light field technology, except you do this temporally instead of trading-off resolution as you do in light field.

There was also a really cool surround audio demo from a front array of speakers and head tracker out of South Hampton Uni. The surround effect was much more noticeable than those from Sony and other manufacturers.

As for computer stuff, my favorite part wasn't a product, but it was chatting with Raja from Asus for a long while over the technical ins and outs of motherboard design.


Customizer of Titles
SFFn Staff
Silver Supporter
Feb 26, 2016
Clearly the Thermal take The Tower case for its efficient use of space.

OK OK how about a trend instead - m.2 slots covering motherboards. I like the Asrock MXM STX board but I especially love the m.2 slots on back. Banish all cables!
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King of Cable Management
Bronze Supporter
Oct 13, 2016
Has to be Ryzen for me. Ultimately I expect it to be more of a catch up than a lead change with Intel it has been long overdue! Hearing about the hard launch of the whole CPU stack at once made my day.


Jan 25, 2016
I've gotta give it to all the mITX boards with multiple M.2 slots. Nothing really insightful to say about this other than it's about time!
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