What happens in Vegas... we'll share with you all here! (+ a giveaway!)

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  1. staircase

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    looking forward for the 3rd gen ryzen
  2. Aichon

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    I'm honestly most looking forward to the new TVs that are coming out. The further they can drive the price of OLED down, the closer it comes to when I can afford it.
  3. HZCH

    HZCH Chassis Packer

    OMG that giveaway is a wet dream!!!

    Looking for those Ryzen 2 3000 series, might bite the bullet for a cheaper-than-ever 8c/16t mitx build... if I ever settle for a case. Otherwise I'll contemplate my fat Define C mini for more time than I would...

    ... also looking for some prototypes in this very forum, especially the ones able to stick a Strix 1080ti in it

    ... or anything SFF related, really.
  4. Therandomness

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    In theory it'd be possible to try Crossfire on the board because it has two Ultra M.2 slots :p
  5. NateDawg72

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    Haha! I hadn't though of that :D
    I do think I'd rather keep one of those for an SDD though. I'm curious how Asrock has wired them up - are either of them taking advantage of the pcie x16 lane Ryzen normally has for graphics? Or is that totally unused? Most likely totally unused I'd guess..
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  6. Soules

    Soules Chassis Packer

    What I really hope to see this year more matx cases from the community here. It seems like every thread that is posted about a new case it's always mitx, which is a great platform, but even here matx is really stagnant.
  7. eutholevonik

    eutholevonik Average Stuffer

    I'm looking forward to how zen2 and radeon vii will pan out.
  8. SirJack

    SirJack Trash Compacter

    Looking forward to the mach one!
  9. psurge

    psurge Case Bender

    Looking forward to AMD’s Zen 2 having a showdown with Sunny Cove. On the GPU side I’m hoping Navi makes AMD more competitive, and I’m also wondering whether we’ll see any 7nm products from NVidia this year.
  10. VegetableStu

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    okay i'm going to hack the writing prompt of this thread (sorry ,_,) and instead bullet point out what excite-past-tense me these few days:
    • Alphacool Flatboy prototype large-socket 1U pumpblock (EDIT: need to confirm something)
    • Coolermaster Q500L ATX (I think they're the same volume as the Q300L mATX)
    • Corsair One i180. the one with Asrock's Little Monster inside it
    • Honorable mention: Digital Storm's mini-STX custom watercooled prebuilt WITH A 2080 MXM MODULE
    • Silverstone USB header adapter. don't have a use now but good to know!
    • if I didn't have a 1060: RTX 2060. I might actually buy it if I really didn't have a 1060.
    • DELIDDED RYZEN 3000 PICTURES. performance, eh we'll see. PICTURES.
    • ASUS Mothership. Portable Screenputer AIO with a battery
    • First Runner Up: Alienware's upgradable laptop. we'll see how the modular GPU thing will work out for them (considering those are in-house form and connection factors)
    • this one did the opposite: Alphacool Eisball pumpblock. guess what it looks like.
    • this one multiplied by zero: all the X599 cases and coolers
    • this one I kinda am fighting myself with: Lian Li's TU150 concept
  11. NFSxperts

    NFSxperts SFF Lingo Aficionado

    I'll be looking forward to Zen 2 and maybe the upcoming AMD STX
  12. chn

    chn What's an ITX?

    I'm looking forward to a 3rd generation AMD Ryzen...to keep Intel on their toes
  13. Boil

    Boil King of Cable Management

    mATX would be nice to see more of, but the board manufacturers do not seem to be onboard... There is a singular mATX motherboard for Threadripper...

    As for ITX over mATX, well, this IS the SFFN...

    More on the Alphacool Flatboy, is this anything like the Solo LT CPU pump/block combo...?

    Yes, the Platinum SF750 seems tailor made for SFF workstations...

    Drop-top Ryzen / Zen 2 pics you say...?


    There are clearly traces for a second chiplet on the package, which could be another 8c/16t Zen2 chiplet, or it could be a Navi GPU chiplet...
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  14. VegetableStu

    VegetableStu SFF Guru

    Was. :c
    we just learned they dropped the pump functionality. it's just a 1U multipoint waterblock now (at least it's EPYC/TR compatible)

    I know right?! Lisa Su hinted it could be more than 8 cores!
    also slightly better news (depending on where you're looking at this from): Ryzen 3000G APUs won't be on the chiplet layout. all free estate for cores only!
  15. W1NN1NG

    W1NN1NG Master of Cramming

    Really looking forward to just about everything from ces I always get super excited about new tech and the new 2060 looks promising for the future of NVIDIA. I’m really excited to see that the next step for them in this generation is.
  16. NateDawg72

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  17. Boil

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  18. Fellowzombie

    Fellowzombie What's an ITX?

    I am really looking forward to new Dan v4 info case info and any sff stuff.
  19. ikt

    ikt What's an ITX?

    Yup same!

    The big game I'm going to be playing is WoW classic and watching 4k videos, surely APU's have come this far.
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  20. VegetableStu

    VegetableStu SFF Guru

    how small a radeon 7 CPU would fit in that socket though? o_o the vega 24 on the 8809G is quite big (although quartering the GPU die would give the smallest case estimate of a 7nm version but I doubt it's that simple)

    they'll probably look into doing that next year ._. this year's APUs are sticking to Zen+, just like last year's APUs stuck with one process behind