DAN untitled frame


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Jul 14, 2018
(InWin did it on ATX)
I think this design is a good start for a winner, something new and fairly unique. Yes, the render does brings to mind the In-Win S-Frame and the small top panel to hide the PSU chamber is a nice touch indeed.

Personally I'm using an open case right now but I want that 360 radiator compatibility whilst this case is clearly air-cooling only so will just be lurking for funsies.


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Jan 25, 2018
So, it was 'vertical is the main feature while horizontal is the optional position' and now it is reversed to 'horizontal is the default while vertical is the optional position'?

Personally, I am not in favour of this as I much prefer a vertical frame (with IO at bottom, of course) for its smaller footprint. And I believe this is the way to go in the future.

Also, I have reservation about an 'enclosed' PSU chamber. It is good to hide cables inside. But I might go in the direction of fanless, my next PSU could well be a passive one, which I would like it to be exposed for convection as well as visual impact. The current design just sucks as far as having a passive PSU sitting inside there.


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Feb 23, 2015
@tinyitx: If I would flip the case and make a I/O zone at the bottom it will lost its nice balanced look. Having the PSU under the motherboard is the key for this.

Furthermore for bottom I/O the height needs to be increased by 60mm this will change the look of this product a lot.

A second option would be to move the gpu on the right side of the board and facing the I/O to the bottom. This will keep the nice look but would require a 350mm long riser cable. This will increase the price a lot. My only solution to keep the nice look while beeing better priced is the last idea.

This case is designed to fit with high end parts so a passive PSU is not an option.
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Jun 2, 2016

Instead of a frame style chassis, I think a slim vertical non-sandwhich case like the P-ATX case would be more interesting to see, in a collaboration with Lian Li. Using the same material and finish as seen in Dan A4. I find this layout superior, especially when it also allows for ATX motherboards to fit. You get a nice separation of components and a radiator that allows for blow through from one side to another, without leaving warm air in the chassis.

This is not a discredit towards P-ATX. I own it myself, and I am very happy with it. But I also own the Dan A4, and I would like to see the Lian Li take on it, materials and manufacturing, etc. Would it be possible, or just a dream?


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Jan 11, 2022
I like it, but would want it a few liters bigger to accommodate at least a 240 rad somewhere. I don't aircool.


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Sep 19, 2018
I like it but one problem is the dust collecting form the top. Maybe need to put sort of shroud on top of that case. Just a suggestion.