Cable Smoosher
Jan 4, 2022
I know I'm almost half a year late to reply, but your photoshop skills are on point, and I'd buy that black-white combo case today if it were available on the market.
Edit, because I misunderstood-- I thought you'd photoshopped the black-white one, I failed to see the side strips you were trying to illustrate. I'm an idiot. Sorry!


Cable Smoosher
Feb 18, 2020
This is sad... I was waiting for the B4 :(
I depends. If the interest is high enough I will continue on it.
Consider me very interested. And also confused since I‘m not on this forum on a regular basis….

I adore your A4 v4.1(just bought a 3080FE to fit in that puppy!).
I saw the A4 h2o but the design is just not what the 4.1 is. (Not to be mean, its just that I absolutely love the rounded shape of the non h2o)
The C4 is to large for me.
The B4 looks just totally right, imho. The look of the larger holes, rounded corners etc. great overall design, imho.

Nonetheless, keep it up. I sure will buy a Dan Case again, whatever comes after my overpowered shoebox!