Lian Li/DAN A3-mATX


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Feb 23, 2015


The A3-ATX is the new collaboration project between Lian Li Ltd. and DAN Cases.
The result is a sub 20L case with support for dual 360 radiators, 4.5 Slot GPUs, ATX and SFX power supplies and mATX motherboard.

- One day Lian Li asked me if am interested in designing a mATX Case - and I agreed. -


The traditional hardware layouts allows for tower heatsinks with up to 155mm in height. With the radiator bracket it is possible to install 120, 140, 240 or 280mm or 360 radiators with 25mm thick fans for the best cooling results. For both the traditional and sandwich layout you can install 4.5 slot GPUs with a length up to 395mm. Three 120mm fan mount points at the top of the case allows for indirect GPU cooling. In sandwich mode you will be able to install a 360 AIO at the top of the case.


Case Dimensions (H x W x D):
275 x 178 x 410mm, 20L
Overall Dimensions: 300 x 175 x 410mm (including case feets)

Graphic cards support: 4.5 Slot GPU up to 395mm length
Motherboard support: mATX, Mini-ITX, DTX
Power Supply support: SFX, SFX-L, ATX
CPU Heatsink support: Up to 158mm in height.
Case Fans: 3x120 at the top and 3x120 or 2x 140mm at radiator bracket
Water cooling support: up to dual 360mm radiator with 120x120x25mm fans

Drives: up to 4 x 2.5" HDD/SSD

Power button: Premium-grade button
Top IO: USB-A, Audio, Mic, USB-C

Material: 1,5mm aluminum (outer panels), 1.2mm steel (inner parts)
Side panels: Easily clipp able with LianLi Push Pin technology
Colors: Anodized black(maybe dark grey) or silver exterior, matte black painted interior


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Trash Compacter
Dec 15, 2019
Love it!
Seems to have the best features/compatibility from all similar cases I've seen.
But one thing I'd change is the front panel io. I'd rather have two usb a connectors than audio.
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Spatial Philosopher
Jul 7, 2017
Lot of people are already asking for SFF cases that support Nvidia 4000 series, this might be the first.


Chassis Packer
Jul 18, 2020
CPU clearance is listed as 155mm but the Lian Li video says 158mm. Is that extra 3mm just coming from choosing the mesh panel over tempered glass?
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Cable Smoosher
May 21, 2019
It needs some clearance on top for 3x120mm fans - 30 mm should be OK. Maybe an offset for a rad. Do not forget we will need at least 1000W PSU's due to transients in the next gen, and at least 600-800W cooling so every place we can cram a rad or fan should be a possibility.


Cable Smoosher
Jan 13, 2022
This is literally what many of us have been searching for in anticipation of the power / thermals of the next gen GPU and CPUs headed our way. Can’t wait to learn more about it as we get closer to a launch!


Trash Compacter
Jan 22, 2020
Looks really good. I'd love an option for the AIO at the top without using a riser for the GPU... Otherwise almost perfect 😁 looking to go the matx route but still be below 20 liters.


Cable Smoosher
Aug 7, 2021
The only thing that looks a bit odd is the stand, other than that it looks like this will be a good option for a smaller case that's still able to handle the increased power consumption of next generation GPUs.


Chassis Packer
Jul 18, 2020
Ok, I'm confused. The max CPU clearance is 158mm but it can fit a D15s, which is 160?

I assume the side panel does fit with the D15s?
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