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Nov 23, 2021
Just wondering what the max height of the GPU is now after the redesigns. Is there enough room for the stock watercooling ports on the EK-Classic waterblock for the 3080?

I was looking to do something like this with the layout using a 240 rad with a built in pump

<img src="https://s10.gifyu.com/images/3CFB0FCD-2D26-49C7-97BB-DA874185DBB5.jpg" alt="3CFB0FCD 2D26 49C7 97BB DA874185DBB5" border="0">
<img src="https://s10.gifyu.com/images/EB2E7E06-ECB8-4336-9A6F-41D1E11602B1.jpg" alt="EB2E7E06 ECB8 4336 9A6F 41D1E11602B1" border="0">


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Mar 12, 2017
This case is very needed in the sfx community.
Have to agree. Even ignoring the "sandwich" set up, now that the Ncase is EOL most similarly sized alternatives that still allow fans below the gpu in a traditional layout require taobao + forwarding services. Sliger does have a few cases that could fill that niche, but the styling leans heavily on an "industrial" look that might not appeal to some.

The timing is ripe @dondan :).

Personally I really liked and kinda miss the old/original styling of the C4, but with all the people trying to pull this case in various opposing directions I'm just glad Dan has gone with what he wants.

Is there a current ETA? I recognize it's difficult to nail down at the best of times, much less with all the supply chain mess going on these days...


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Dec 7, 2021
@dondan I hope all is well. I really like the design and look forward to the case.

Can anyone tell me if SFX-L is supported with the changes?
I currently have a build based on old design and new supported components like C14S, 5900x, 3090 Strix, Crosshair Impact, and SFX-L 1000w. My NR200 is holding me off and I told my wife there is one purchase that I get the pass and that's this case lol . Can't wait! :)


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Nov 11, 2015
They are tho.

I was only going by what Noctua said in regards to the C14S & C8I...

In that pic it looks like the S0-DIMM.2 riser (for the M.2 SSDs) is not able to be utilized...? Are the other angles / pics of that setup...? Or a link to the build to look at...?

If a C14S will work on the C8I (and retain the ability to use the dual M.2 slots), I might have to place my C8I back into my Cerberus chassis for an all-aircooled build...?


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Dec 29, 2021
Made an account just for this case, I really like the look. Do you plan on releasing it with a tempered glass panel?