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    I think late Q1 2019
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    Very excited. Will the 120mm fan mount above the motherboard accommodate a 25mm thickness or just 15mm?
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    That's what we're discussing with the talk about "A4 XL". The difference between 25mm and 15mm is a full centimeter (duh), and that's kind of a significant delta. For my money, we'll already be adding quite a bit of thickness if the case accommodates a Noctua NH-L12S.
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    @dondan I should put this in context: a 120mm x 25 mm fan over the motherboard with an AIO, and the radiator positioned in another location.
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    Hey @dondan , could you say to us if the Dynamo 360 is supported by the V3? Has it the same mounting point than the HDplex 400?
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    Noctua website says discontinued and points at the L12s, so there may still be L12 parts out there for a while .
    L12s is 70mm

    ooops, didnt see Fabios post saying the same
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    @dondan in a hypothetical dan-a4 XL, do you think a Noctua L12 with a slim 120mm fan mounted below or a blackridge with 92mm below+120mm slim fan upon the heatsink (total height 47+15=62mm) would be superior?
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    Got the A4 v1, will buy the C4, and would love the XL as well. Do it
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    @dondan where do you anticipate mounting of the HDPLEX 400W.AC-DC brick in the A4 v4? Do you anticipate that it will be compatible with also having 2x 92mm fans on the bottom of the case and (obviously) having the HDPLEX 400W Hi-Fi DC-ATX mounted?
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    Hopefully our new solution will help with this. Still waiting for sample, but I do have a 9900K and blowstyle 2080 next to the A4 on my desk, at the moment ;) #BringTheHeat, right? ;)
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    OK, hype mode on!!
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    Fingers crossed that the improvements can handle the 9900K. Eventhough it is difficult to cram that much cooling into a 92mm radiator and slimfan ;)
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    Let’s hope!

    My 120mm rad with a Noctua A12x25 at 1100rpm cool it around 85 degrees under Prime with AVX offset of 4, so all core at 4.6ghz. MCE enabled, no power limit, it is in idle at 30 degrees. In the DAN case of course!
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    Oh wow... Didn't realize the 9900K got THAT hot. We're thinking most people will be using the Noctua NF-A9x14 with our product, which only provides half the airflow at full speed.
    Now I am not an expert in airflow and aerodynamics. But assuming that airflow is linear with speed (which it is probably not), the NF-A9x14 would have roughly the same airflow at full speed, as the NF-A12x25 at 50% speed.
    Taking the smaller radiator into account, that would mean higher temps. But should stay below thermalthrottle. This all depends on radiator thickness, material, pumpspeeds etc. of course.
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    Indeed! I am using the Eisbaer LT Pump, that is a 2800RPM pump and a normal 16 Fin 25mm Rad from Alphacool. I've shortened the tubes to have a better fit.
    Let's see! Maybe limiting the CPU at 160/180W will work with no problem!