Compatibility of Vega 56 Strix w/o stock Fans and A12x25 in V6?


Caliper Novice
Original poster
Jul 19, 2019
Does anyone know the compatibility of an ASUS Strix Vega 56/64 with just the stock heatsink and two A12x25's under it (Accelero 3 style) in a V5/6? Does it fit?


Shrink Ray Wielder
Feb 22, 2015
I think even with the stock fans and shroud removed it won't fit due to the height of the PCB. It's 139mm, so it comes right up to the side panel. That's not a problem in itself, but where it runs into issues is the left-rear flange on the chassis. I reduced this flange in V6, but to completely clear the Strix's PCB would require eliminating part of the flange completely. Likewise, the same problem exists with the left-front flange, on account of the length, though here it looks like the PCI power connectors would run into the flange.