1. Valantar

    .SKP & .STEP Flexatx PSU cutout cover with C14 and 40mm fan mounts (for MW RPS PSUs etc.) 1

    This is a PSU cutout cover plate for cases meant for FlexATX PSUs, for folks wanting to use an internal AC-DC PSU of some kind (like MeanWell's RPS series). It has a cutout designed for snap-in panel mount C14 sockets, which partially relies on the adjoining case panel for structural support for...
  2. D

    Does anyone know if RGEEK L80S fits Mean Well EPP-200-12?

    I'm hoping to shoehorn the EPP-200 into this case. I googled but have not found anyone done this but there definitely seems to be ample space in there for it. I am debating whether I want to give this a try or just go with an external brick. It's not going to be my personal system, it's for my...
  3. cmyk78

    Power Supply Meanwell NMS-240-12 Questions

    I was looking for a small 12V AC-DC unit and I found this interesting Meanwell unit on Mouser which is very slim with dimensions of 119*38*18mm. However it appears to be a part of some larger configurable power supply unit and I haven't been able to find out if it is usable as a standalone...
  4. petricor

    Other MeanWell UHP-200 2019-03-06 used in this build:
  5. Thehack

    Stalled Project Stealth - 5.7L, custom 400W PSU, 270mm GPU

    After project Pure I am working on my next case to address some of the needs/wants of the community in builds. The layout has the gpu and cpu fans on the same side. The goal of this case is reliably power a 400W of components in the smallest size possible. CPU Cooler: 40mm, Noctua NH-L9i GPU...
  6. S

    Power Supply Smallest PSU for Nvidia's 32GB GV100

    Hey folks, Seeking some advice on two problems. I recently got a Quadro GV100(exact same as the Titan V, but with more vram) from Nvidia and I'm using it to render ultra-realistic VR experiences, and I would like to build a portable egpu system for it so I can bring it around. I plan to take...
  7. Thehack

    Completed Project PURE: 3L APU case, MEANWELL Support

    Please take a moment to take this quick survey for feedback: https://******/forms/UdguJFoCKLLvdAKs1 Avaliable Now! Order at Original thread below: Case Specs: ITX motherboard, no GPU CPU Clearance: 48mm Flexible Bay allows you to install 1 of the 3 configurations...
  8. Thehack

    Concept ONE2 AC-DC and DC-ATX Boards - a 12V family

    Concept thread for ONE2 Plugin DC Boards. 150W Model? 250W Model? Would pair nicely with the ONE2 Distro 400. Any features you guys are interested in?
  9. Thehack

    Production ONE2 DISTRO 400 - A 12V Power distribution board

    Pictures first: Pretty cute right? :D What is it? ONE2 DISTRO 400 is a versatile power distribution board with ripple suppression. It is designed to work with picoPSU, aka Plug In DC Board. It is compatible with any 12V power supply with a ripple of 240mV or lower. It features, a first in...
  10. garyroks

    Other UHP 400-24 or EPP 400-24

    Hello fellow sff builders, Last year, I built a system from the scratch and you might have seen it around this forum. SFF FROM INDIA However, I have to travel constantly and I do have to carry my pc around. The weight of my aluminium profiles for the structure of the pc along with the 240w...
  11. aquelito

    Prototype Neutrino : a 4L case dedicated to thin mini-ITX with discrete GPU

    Hi there, I'm glad to share one of the projects I've been working on for quite some time. Some of you may know my interest for thin-itx boards. I experimented quite a lot with various combinations of hardware and cases but Neutrino is by far my favourite project. To make it short, I purchased...
  12. aquelito

    Prototype Oki-Doki : a GPU bifurcation and watercooling dedicated case, from 9 to 14L

    Hi there, I've been working on a compact GPU-based rendering workstation project for the last 18 months. Since two GPUs are enough what I need to do, I decided from the start to base my design around a Mini-ITX motherboard supporting bifurcation, wihch allows splitting a 16X PCIe slot into two...
  13. Thehack

    2200G + MX500 + Meanwell Internal AC-DC = Mean Mini PC Build!

    Specs: MX500 2.75L case 2200G Asrock B350 ITX 500GB m.2 500GB 2.5" NH-L9a 2x8gb HyperX 2400mhz Generic "120W" Plugin DC Board Meanwell EPP-200 openframe AC-DC board ---- The only thing special is I wired the EPP-200 meanwell PSU inside the case. I checked the measurements online for this case...
  14. Thehack

    Selling Meanwell PSUs, G-Unique Unit

    Hello friends, I'm clearing my inventory in anticipation of Hades Canyon. Here is what I have: Meanwell EPP-300-12. Lightly used. 12V. Used it in my builds. Works great. Asking $45 shipped via USPS USA or $55 Parcel to Germany. Will include a AC plug that is ~200mm long if I can find it. Also...
  15. aquelito

    Thin mini-ITX powered PCIe riser 4x to 16x

    Hi everyone, @BillBaroud and I partnered with C_Payne from [H] to design and develop a reversed thin mini-ITX PCIe riser, allowing you to add a discrete GPU to your thin mini-ITX system. We have currently 5 risers for sale. We also have a 16x to 16x riser available. We are asking 35€ per...
  16. P

    .SKP Mean Well EPP-400-12 v1

    A SketchUp model of the Mean Well EPP-400-12 AC-DC converter. Modelled after the technical drawings provided by Mean Well. Quite Accurate.
  17. Thehack

    Meanwell Hookup Kit [Pre-Order][Closed]

    Hello. This is the first run of the hook-up kit. It may be the only run, as I'm more of an R&D guy but I want to push the viability of Meanwell PSU for users. LINK COMPLETE REQUEST FORM [Original Thread for Discussion] This is a pre-order for the kits. Each kit is individually quoted, about...
  18. Thehack

    Meanwell PSU Accessories

    To Mods: I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place. Please move per your discretion. This is theHACK here. You may know me around this forum as that guy who loves 12V builds... Anyways, with the rise of 12V builds have fueled interest in using internal Meanwell PSUs. With that said...
  19. B

    Power Supply The smallest 150w internal PSU?

    Hello guys. I am currently working on a personal build, and I would like to know what is the smallest internal PSU available on the market that supports 150w. *My project uses an Mini-ITX motherboard. First, I thought it was FlexATX (15 x 8 x 4cm). But after some research I found the Pico/G...
  20. Thehack

    Power Supply Meanwell External AC Adapter, 60W - 280W Version

    Look at what I found guys! 160W: 280W: Spec sheet looks pretty good. Would be useful for you cheaters ;) Also comes in 20V versions for those who prefer HD-PLEX...