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  1. Shaytanya

    Discussion Dan A4 - power issue

    Hi team About 18 months ago, I built my second build in a Dan A4. Last week, it appears that there is no power getting to the Mobo (asus z490 i gaming) as the RGB isn’t lighting up and the pc isn’t turning on. I have checked the power cable and also the cable going into the PSU and am...
  2. M

    Selling [US-FL] Dan A4 v4 Black

    Dan A4 v4 Black 250USD Includes Asetek 92mm AIO, slim noctua fan, losercard mod that allows larger fan with AIO, 3d printed feets, 3d printed extension kit that i never used. One of the leads from 24 PIN cable came out.
  3. nightshift

    Custom modular AIO tailor-made for the Dan A4

    Hello there. So with a week off, I decided to give this project another go. It was a stressful experience. Instead of just being content with default components, I mod my gpu and now do this while being constantly terrified in the process of messing things up. I'm a laid-back kinda guy in...
  4. Shaytanya

    Advice USB C front port Dan A4.1

    Hi all - I have recently completed a Dan A 4.1 (high spec) build. I receive the “USB device over current status detected” error if I try to plug in the front USB-C connector into the Mobo. If I do not plug this in, there is no error message - has anyone else experienced this problem / has a...
  5. Shaytanya

    Log Dan A4.1 Custom Cyberpunk 2077 build (custom side panel, modded case) – complete

    Hi team I thought I would post my first real SFF build. My first ever built was the Kickstarter Dan A4, where I was simply happy to be able to create a computer that actually worked. This time, I wanted to build a high-end machine that also looks the part. First, I must make a concession as...
  6. Shaytanya

    Advice Help cooling m2 drives - dan a4 - asus z490 I gaming

    Hi team Can anyone offer any advice how to cool the M.2 drives on an Asus rog strix z490 I gaming? I have the Dan a4.1 with AIO cooler. One of the m.2 drives is running very hot (88+) the other around 60 and I was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas? Would oc the cpu increase the m2...
  7. Shaytanya

    Log internal monitor query - Dan A4.1 (+ a random 3080 FE question) - 2077 build

    Hi Team I have managed to mod the Dan A4.1 to fit a 5" internal monitor/display at the front (and it actually works). I am now wondering if anyones of any software that allows me to create a custom zoom for that display only (I do not want to change the zoom level for my main monitor), but the...
  8. A

    Dan A4 - riser cable on the GPU side?

    How dangerous / stupid this is..? GPU riser cable is set on the GPU side, behind the plastic separator When GPU is inserted, it's resting on the plastic separator, but is not tight too much. I'm just looking at it and wonder how stable that plastic is, since it's touching GPU metal backplate?
  9. Mandalorian

    Cooling Dan A4 - Asetek 645LT vs Alpenfohn Black Ridge 120mm + fan duct vs 120mm AIO?

    Im deciding between Alpenfohn Black Ridge 120mm + fan duct or to go with Asetek 645LT? Can I expect -10C with Asetek 645LT in this case or difference is smaller?I have ITX GPU, should I consider 120mm Corsair H55/60? CPU 8700 (planning upgrade to 9700)ITX 170mm GPU, no OC ok with lower turbo...
  10. H

    Dan A4 v4.1 build. Advice on parts to buy!!!!

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I hope everyone is doing ok? So anyway, ever since the SFF came on to the scene I have been fascinated by the idea of it and have always wanted to build one myself. I have build a computer for myself before (many, many years ago) but it was an intel i5-3rd gen...
  11. K

    PCIE Riser Causing BSOD in Dan A4-sfx v3

    Hello all, Today I just finished building my new ITX build using 3700x, rog strix X570-I and 5700 XT in a Dan A4 -sfx v3. When installing graphics card driver I encountered constant BSODs, so I cannot enter windows afterwards. I searched online and found the issue might be related to the PCIE...
  12. I

    Cpu cooling

    Hi guys! I’m about to do my first sff buid. I have a i5 6600k ( more than 65 tdp) and more keen to use the noctua 9li . For the noise, price and Because its easier to install when compared with the liquid coolers. Do you think will keep the temps acceptable or should I get liquid cooling ...
  13. J

    PSU / Asetek AI airflow issue in DanCase A4

    Looking for some advice on my DanCase build. When installing the GPU, there's very little clearance between the bottom of the GPU and the top of the AIO fan. As a result, I have to spread out the PSU cables as much as possible or it prevents the AIO fan from spinning. However, this introduces a...
  14. P

    Blower or Open Air GPU - Dan A4, 3900x

    There's been many conflicting views on GPU coolers and I was wondering if I could get some clarity for my particular situation. Parts: CPU - 3900x CPU cooler - 645LT Mobo - x570 i aorus pro wifi Case - Dan a4v4 GPU - tbd (rtx 2080, 2070super) There's been quite a bit of discussion about zen 2...
  15. S

    Dan Case - cpu cooler fin orientation

    Hello, I am building in the Dan Case A4 sfx v4. I have 2 noctua NF-A9x14 on the bottom of the case as intake. I am using the NH-L9i as my cpu cooler. My question is, should I install the cooler fins perpendicular or parallel to the ram for the optimal air flow? Thanks.
  16. D

    Dan case gpu advice needed

    Hi! Does anyone know if the Vega 56 powercolor red dragon would fit the Dan Case? Or any other non-blower Vega 56 (because noise)? DANCASE website says gpu width can be Without backplate: 40 mm Including backplate: 45 mm I find this super confusing. Red dragon has a backplate. Why does the...
  17. D

    Ryzen 7 2700X & Radeon VII in this case?

    Hey everyone! I am doing an all AMD build with a Ryzen 7 2700X & Radeon VII and was originally going to use the Phanteks Shift X, but so many people told me not to, due to it's bad airflow and heat issues with powerful components even when liquid cooled. I really like the look of the DAN...
  18. B

    Best/most silent GPU in the DanCase A4.

    Hi All I just got my Dan A4 V4, and the Asetek 645LT Cooler today. But i cant decide what GPU to use. I would like a RTX2070 or RTX2080, and i would like it to be as silent as possible. What is the most silent GPU for the DAN A4? (stock card and no overclocking at all). I have been...
  19. J

    Cooling Black Ridge Cooler 92mm or 120mm fan?

    I am wondering if anyone has tested out the Alpenföhn Black Ridge cooler with a 120mm fan and has seen an increase in performance. I am debating whether to go this route however, I do not know if it is worth it considering that this cooler with a 120mm fan only allows VLP ram which is not as...
  20. M

    Dan A4 V3 CPU Cooling Mod

    I recently brought a Dan A4 v3. I have always been cautious of this case because everything I read says cooling options are v limited, CPU cooler being max 48mm, and really therefore only v low profile 92mm fan air options, and the 545 AIO, if you can get hold of it - I can't. I already have...