1. Mortis Angelus

    Log Max thickness of rear panel for IO shield?

    Cant seem to find any info about this, so I'll just ask (and if this is in the wrong sub-forum, just move it): What is the max thickness I can use for the rear panel so that the rear IO shield can be attached without any issue? I'd guess 2 mm, but want ro make sure. Thanks!
  2. H

    Log mATX SFF, research / prep work + intermediate build (Mesh-mATX)

    So, my future first SFF system is going to be an mATX SFF system. Mostly, because the goal is to have a portable workstation, so a bit more RAM (esp. with the current pricing situation with DDR5) and more PCIe slots might come in handy, but also, because of the unfortunate issues with AIO liquid...
  3. BobyMadrox

    Log RGEEK L65S modded build - (MSI Z390I + I7 8086K + RX570 with riser)

    Hi there, Wanted to present a little project I made a couple of months ago! Being used every day for 8 months without a problem. Was stressful to make it initially, because something could have gone very wrong (had to cuts the cable and resolder to make them shorter for the build, cut the case...
  4. JoshSpires

    Log Finished my GEEEK G1 build

    Just got the new GEEEK G1 in today. Was a fairly simple build with the power button being the only issue. It sticks when pushed, causing the computer to continuously power on and off. Just seems like a poorly installed switch. You can watch my build video on it here.
  5. thelaughingman

    Log My SFF builds / journey

    Finally decide to have a dedicated thread to document everything SFF that I do. So here it is. Preface: Just a bit of background about me. Loved video games growing up (even more because my parents forbid it in typical Asian parent fashion), which led to my enthusiasm for computers and...
  6. A

    Nouvolo Steck build

    I've built AMD Ryzen 5 3600 on ASRock ITX/TB3 inside Nouvolo Steck. Here's a video of the build. This was my first SFF build and first time building after 20 years or so. Lots of back and forth :) but it was interesting. I like this case - especially how it's easy to build with just the spine...
  7. C

    Build-Check (Raijintek Ophion EVO)

    Hi all, can you please check my Shopping-List for my first mini Build. I cant spend too much :) and it should be silent as possible (Livingroom PC) Im not planning to do OC. Dose the setup make sense?What would you change? Will this all fit in the case? Is ist possible to build it cheaper...
  8. Platypus

    Creating Tomorrows SFF Case

    Hey there all. I have built my PC's and fallen into the rabbit hole of design, only to be led on to this forum where I have felt the need to bring up the idea of creating a case that stands out from the rest. I will post more later on as design continues. The goal is to create something for...
  9. D

    CPU & motherboard advice

    Hi all been a long time since ive build anything so need advice on motherboard/cpu combination. The PC will mostly be used for internet, office, video, downloading, a little Photoshop/illustrator. only gaming done is football manager and cities skyline- non-graphical games The PC is on all...
  10. B

    Concept Premium wooden ITX Case - 8.5L

    Okay so basically the idea came to me since I travel a lot and I want to design an ITX case similar in volume and layout to the popular Ghost S1 and Dan Case A4. The thing is I HAVE NEVER BUILT A PC BEFORE and all the knowledge I have about everything is from youtube videos, reddit/sffpc and...
  11. jace_ziii

    Update: 3D printed modular case for Asrock a300w build with RGB

    I finally had to time to 3D print a modular itx case for the a300. Working on designing the panels, update coming soon. Peace. I just finished my HTPC build. This mini workhorse is a standard budget build for multimedia use. Mainly, for streaming on numerous sites (netflix, hulu, kodi...
  12. Analogue Blacksheep

    ZS-A4DC "Mini-Sledgehammer" Portable Workstation Build

    It has a name: Mini-Sledgehammer". As you may of noticed on the Taobao thread, my ZSA4-DC arrived. I was originally going to go with a ML06-E, but I felt it was too heavy and big for what I wanted so. So after thinking it through I went with the ZS-A4DC due to its tiny size and aesthetic. The...
  13. heyitsconan

    My Loque Ghost S1 Build (w/ slight mods)

    Update! PSLATE CABLES CAME IN! I took better glamor shots lol Hello, I wanted to post up my new & first SFX build. Specs: Silver Loque Ghost S1 & 1 Medium Top Hat Intel I7 9700K NVIDIA RTX 2070 Phantom Gaming z390 ITX HyperX 16 GB 3200 mhz (2x* GB) Samsung 500 GB EVO Plus M.2...
  14. J

    3d Technical Artist / Compositing / Game Dev Rig

    Hi Folks! I'm a 3d Technical Artist for games that often switches to video editing and compositing work as well. I travel abroad quite often and wanted to have a full-powered, portable setup with me. I'd like to share my tentative build, and get any feedback before I officially hit the button...
  15. M

    HELP! Piecing together a build - £3000 budget - i7-9700i & 2080 Ti

    Hey guys so I have a £3000 budget and really want a sff pc with a i7-9700i & 2080 Ti (I don't mind what card). All I was wondering if you lovely people could help piece together different builds with the BEST temps possible with just these requirements. I love all sff cases, especially dan...
  16. P

    Sanity Check for Newbie's first port to sff case

    I currently have my system housed in a Corsair 280x "matx" case. It's fantastic, pretty and goes on sale relatively often. I'd recommend it; fact of the matter is I want to port my build over to a "sff" case to save some desk space and not have to haul around a giant cube everywhere I go...
  17. Dezroxx

    #NotABuildLog - Transplant with some added flair

    I purchased my Cerberus (non-X) at Christmas this past year, and have been slowly tweaking things over the past month, but with my new addition this week (RTX 2070) I thought I might share my own build and thoughts on some customization ideas I had for the case. My setup is mostly a transplant...
  18. nofius

    Hello all! Newbie planning a Louqe S1 build =)

    Hello all, my experience with building dates back to my college days (when Lian-Li Mid towers were the wonderful gems, they still are). Fast forward to now, being a father and having my wife and kids taking up most if not all of my space, having endured the whole "Macs can game, just turn all...
  19. R

    Blacked Out Ncase M1

    I got more than a few questions when I posted my build to reddit, so I figured some people here would like to see it as well. If anything, it's just another Ncase build, but with a few interesting part choices. I'm a big fat liar. The build isn't fully blacked out. The cables aren't. The custom...
  20. J

    Need help on choosing CPU cooler/case fans and PSU in a Louqe Ghost S1 build (1st PC build)

    Hi everyone I need some opinions on whether the AMD wraith stealth cooler is enough for the cpu cooling and if I need to add any other fans for better air flow cooling. I am also not sure if I need to up the PSU 450W and above. I am going to be using my build mainly for gaming and...