Log RGEEK L65S modded build - (MSI Z390I + I7 8086K + RX570 with riser)


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Oct 23, 2016
Hi there,

Wanted to present a little project I made a couple of months ago!

Being used every day for 8 months without a problem. Was stressful to make it initially, because something could have gone very wrong (had to cuts the cable and resolder to make them shorter for the build, cut the case etc.).

8086K at 4.8GHZ@1.2v delidded, liquid tim + copper IHS
32GB (2x16) DDR4 3200mhz
RX 570 ITX

CPU idle at ~45°C, totally silent
CPU mild load at ~60°C, totally silent
CPU full load maxing at ~80°C, barely audible

The noise of GPU is important during gaming though, I really wish I could change the card at that point.

CPU Cooler: Thermolab LP53 + Noctua Noctua NF-A9x14
Riser: ADT-Link Pcie x16 5cm
Case: RGEEK L65S
PSU: Dell 330W + HDPLEX 400w without the standard heatsink because of being hard limited by the space in the case. Using the whole case armature as dissipation instead (back of the unit has thermal pads connected to the case) and some smaller copper heatsinks were put on the front VRM.

Because of the removal of the heatsink on the HDplex unit and changed it for something a bit weaker overall, I wouldn't risk something higher than a 3060/2060 (~160W) on this case in term of TDP.

The plan was initially to change the RX570 which comes from an older build and replace it with a newer 2060/3060 but with the shortage of GPU I'm stuck with it for a while...

The final goal would be to have a GPU that has a backplate to make the build looks more coherent with the card being outside. I have also thought of a more elegant way to hold the GPU in place than the current rubbish piece put underneath the GPU to elevate it.

I'll put it to work when I get to change the card, for now, the piece underneath does the job and the current RX 570 doesn't inspire much effort to make it better anyway. Hopefully can change the card soon to really finalize the build!
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