Z370 Kimera Cerberus Build


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Dec 15, 2017
Yeah I really need to break down and learn how to do that. I am getting ready to do a build in a MI-6 which has an inverted motherboard that sits directly above the PSU so really short 24pin and 8pin EPS would be really nice.

It's honestly really easy. I've sleeved a couple psus before using paracord but I've never crimped atx pins before. The most difficult part is making sure the paracord is melted enough on the pin that it doesn't add too much girth. It can be hard to get the terminal into the connector.


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Apr 1, 2016
Haha ya, they really don't save too much space other than the fact that they are shorter than the stock cables. The biggest difference is the PCI e cables because the stock ones were 400 and 500mm plus the extra length for second connector. The ones I made are only 300mm
Sure shorter length helps..:)
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Feb 23, 2018
Love the build. What are temps like with that cooler? And are you delidded?

If you removed the top fan on your cooler, would you be able to mount two 120mm noctua fans on the side bracket?

Planning a 2066 build in this case and would like to use that cooler with two 120mm as intakes.

Also, thanks for the photo of ram clearance - will be buying gskills instead of Dominators now. :)
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