1. petricor

    .STEP Minimised Acrylic Top for 4090FE/ Corsair HydroX Water Block 1

    A redesigned acrylic top for the Corsair HydroX 4090FE as featured and tested in this build here. 3.5mm thinner than Corsair's original part, with G1/8 screw terminals directly integrated into the cover, making a separate port module obsolete. For machining in Acrylic, Copper with Nickel...
  2. wesbl

    Concept Piston Reborn - ~ 3L low profile gpu case

    This is my new project based on the old Piston PC. It will use an Odroid H2+, a low profile gpu (1650 gddr6 for me) and a flex ATX PSU.
  3. B

    Watercooled Node 202

    Hey Guys, This is the second time posting here on sffnetwork. I wanted to share my project of watercooling a Fractal design node 202 with a dual 240 mm radiator loop. Here is the parts list: Case: node 202 Psu: corsair sf600 platinum Cpu: ryzen 3700x Gpu:1080ti Mobo: Aorus x570 pro wifi...
  4. JGP

    First mod (and SFF Build) with Noctua GPU Shroud and fans

    Im new. Built many PCs before but never a SFF. Didn't see the appeal until now. I have done the big box builds with RGBs - everyone was doing it - so I wanted to. Whenever I would sit at my desk they would literally blind me and distract me from what I was doing so I had to turn them off...
  5. S

    .STEP Zotac 2070 Super PCIE Shift Bracket (Testing) 0.9.1

    A custom made bracket for the zotac 2070 super. Currently in testing so some dimensions may still be wrong. It may also fit on the 2060 Super. It should shift the 2070S down by 10mm towards the motherboard in the S4M. This needs taping at the small folding flanges with M3. The folding lines are...
  6. D

    SFF AMD4 For Live Cinema Projections

    I'm an experimental film maker who does large screen live projections in cinemas and galleries. Based on what I've seen h264 near lossless, and Huffy lossless formats put large demands on the the CPU. So I'm starting the Ryzen 7 2600 and will update as budget allows in the following year/s to...
  7. Analogue Blacksheep

    GPU Low Profile GPU Potential/Discussion

    I've been recently looking at low profile GPUs; the 1050ti quadruplets, the P1000 and the WX4000, and it got me thinking: Is there any potential for low profile GPUs to get as powerful as their ITX counterparts with the current technology? Say RTX 2070 performance levels? I was wondering if...
  8. philHolland

    Advice - Dual GPU NVlink Build

    Hello all, I'm about to embark on a compact build that requires 2X Nvidia GPUs next to each other in NVlink configuration. Due to the complexity of the NVlink bridge I can't place the GPUs vertically stacked, at least not easily. I'm looking for two case suggestions as I'm mulling over...
  9. S

    Power Supply Smallest PSU for Nvidia's 32GB GV100

    Hey folks, Seeking some advice on two problems. I recently got a Quadro GV100(exact same as the Titan V, but with more vram) from Nvidia and I'm using it to render ultra-realistic VR experiences, and I would like to build a portable egpu system for it so I can bring it around. I plan to take...
  10. BaK

    Cooling Homemade cooler - GPU needed

    Hi guys, I am almost ready (read weeks away) to test an homemade custom GPU cooler. Could you point me out a GPU that will be worth using, i.e. a GPU that gets hot easily? So that if my cooler can manage to keep it cool, it will also be ready to handle the latest GPUs? I would of course be...
  11. 3lfk1ng

    GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti review, SFF style.

    Another long but thorough read, we review the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. Note: This is going to be an ongoing review, a first for SFFn, and it will see several updates throughout the following months. Updates will be appended to the article and also in this thread. Read the review here.
  12. fabio

    Fill the void: a Cerberus-X Workstation - EATX+7980XE+Double Rad Waterloop+Quadro+2 Titan V!!!

    Finally, the wait it's over! (For now...) Here my full build log thanks to the amazing piece of case design that is the Cerberus-X. For people that don't know anything about it: basically is a sub 20L case that you can fill with everything you want; if there is a limit, well, it's your...
  13. Wahaha360

    Closed MSI GeForce GTX 1070 AERO ITX 8G OC

    Used for measurements, less than 100 hours of operations. Comes with box and accessories. I bought this to test eGPU, but I have a MacBook, it's just easier to use AMD GPUs so I don't have to implement hacks to get things to work. Free shipping included for US. Will not ship outside of US and...
  14. M

    My first gaming system

    Hi I'd like to build my first proper gaming system either this month or in September , I know SFF isn't exactly good for a first timer ,but damn do those small systems look cool , I have about 1400 USD (maybe a bit more) , that I'd like to spend on my system I thought of this configuration (not...
  15. C

    Z370 Kimera Cerberus Build

    I have been doing custom watercooled builds for the last 5 years in fairly large cases. This is my first SFF build. I wanted to cram as much power as possible into a small enclosure. I am not a fan of AIOs so I've decided to go with air cooling for this build. Case : Kimera Cerberus CPU : 8700k...
  16. P

    .SKP NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE PCB v1

    A SketchUp model of the PCB of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE. It was modelled after a high resolution image of the PCB. Quite accurate.
  17. R

    GPU Shortage Advice

    Hi! I'm new to computers and I'm building my first PC with the S4 mini case and I kinda made the mistake of building my PC right now in the middle of the GPU shortage. I've looking for the MSI 1070 Aero ITX for my build because it's powerful and quiet, but I havn't been able to find a decent one...
  18. jtd871

    Silver Dan A4 #1598

    I am finally building my first custom desktop system. My previous two personal computers have been laptops with discrete graphics. The first was a 14- or 15-inch (Core 2 Duo?) Lenovo Thinkpad with NVS gpu, the second (and current) is a 17-inch FHD IVB i7 QM built by iBuyPower using a MSI chassis...
  19. EdZ

    Closed [UK] EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB SC GAMING ACX 3.0

    EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB SC GAMING ACX 3.0 Model 08G-P4-6183-KR In warranty until 21/10/2019 (EVGA warranty transfers to new owner with serial number) Box has been opened and card disassembled to install the EVGA Thermal Mod pads, but otherwise unused. £430 delivered (Special...
  20. EdZ

    GPU Desktop GP100 card breaks cover

    While the GP100 chip has shown up on a PCIe interface before that was in the Tesla P100, a pure compute card with no external interface. Now Anandtech are reporting the Quadro GP100, a PCIe GP100 based card with video outputs (4x DP + DVI-D DL). While not immediately applicable for SFF...