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Jun 19, 2015
  • Set up a couple of Noctua 200mm fans on my desk to cool me in the summer heat
  • Bought;
    • JDM 17" wheels for my car at a steal of a price
    • Wheel nuts for said wheels because Toyota uses shank nut and washer, but wheels use tapered nuts
    • kill-a-watt clone
    • tow hook thingy for car because JDM lols
    • beer
  • New Years eve woo?


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Jan 25, 2018
A week ago, while lifting something heavy with in a not-so-proper body posture under an emergency situation, I felt a sharp pain at my lower back. Oddly, now the lower back pain has subsided but migrated to the centre of my left rear. Now, I literally have a 'pain in the ass'. Hopefully it will go away in a couple months. 🙁

To compensate my pain, I order a Thermalright Silver Arrow 130 in Taobao. It should arrive in a couple days. Will do a quick open box review when I receive it. This cooler will be part of a system that I will build for a buddy sometime next summer. The system will be based on a yet-to-be-released Intel Z490 ITX motherboard. Now that it is revealed that the new LGA 1200 socket will have the same dimensions as LGA 115x, I just decide to go ahead to order this cooler. This system is in the parts collection stage. So far, I have the ITX case (Deng F15) and all the case fans (2x 14cm + 1x 9cm Noctua).

Question: What are you guys planning for 2020 as far as SFF is concerned? Other than this Deng F15 build, I have no other plan yet.


King of Cable Management
Nov 18, 2017
Question: What are you guys planning for 2020 as far as SFF is concerned? Other than this Deng F15 build, I have no other plan yet.
I'm planning a build based on ancient hardware. The theme is blue. :)


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Jul 14, 2018
Went from this.

I7 2600K at 4.7Ghz Single core score was 355

To this.

Stock 3600X on a MSI B450i AC mobo thats currently sitting inside a Define Mini C. That is next on the upgrade list then monitor and then finally GPU.

cant wait to try BF5 and MW. The fps was okay before but would have constant drops from over 100 down to 60 so made it very awkward to play.
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Jul 2, 2015
Before I go off to celebrate New Years, I uploaded 215 pics to the Losias image host... All the pics for the MPD-01 project. We'll see what I have for time in the near future, but we may get an actual worklog soon...
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CC Ricers

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Nov 1, 2015
Over the past few days I've been re-learning the C language and how to use it effectively for Object Oriented programming- basically to get more of the potential out of using C as opposed to using C++.

Blue ... Ancient hardware ... Gonna turn an SGI Iris Indigo into an espresso machine ?

SiliconGraphics has plenty of blue chassis :D

I've seen a few SGI machines at the college I went to, in one of the engineering buildings. Mostly they're there for just making old 90s caliber VR simulations for educational purposes. It was uncanny using old specialized peripherals that were basically precursors to modern motion controls and gaming VR setups.
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Jan 20, 2018
Combined getting ready for surgery tomorrow with some small tinkering on my ever more Frankensteinian Optiplex. It's getting a new PSU that can actually handle the installed hardware (MeanWell UHP-350-12 + G-Unique Archdaemon) and front USB 3.0 and audio modded into the front bezel. It's mostly going well, and I guess my soldering skills are improving - but they're still terrible. I'm glad nobody but me is going to see that XT60 connector between the PSU and G-Unique unit, as it's quite atrocious.

Beyond that I'm both nervous for tomorrow and very much looking forward to waking up afterwards. Fingers crossed I guess.
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Finley Leonard

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Dec 30, 2019
I've dropped my monitor from the desk and smashed kinect v2 today (the most amazing thing is the monitor's fine).

Now I'm planning to order Azure Kinect and looking for information on the web on its compatibility with Artec Studio or any other software for 3D scanning. It's a sad day, only beer can cheer me up.


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Nov 18, 2017
Realized my sick plan to build a legacy system is totally supid. Old rare motherboards are still unbelievably expensive. ._.
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Nov 25, 2019
Received my FT03 Mini, dummy fit a rig in it and considered streaming the build with an AMA. hmmm..

Nice case, I had both the Ft02 & Ft05's, Silverstone make a great case-excellent fit and finish. I found their 180mm AP fans got loud at higher speeds, not sure what the 140mm's are like... A Noctua NF A14 chromax would be a nice fit if the stock fan was a bit vocal :)
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