[warning: 11s video / Autoplay] imgur is testing out 30-second video uploads for iOS clients...

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    and I'm too lazy to find the empty youtube account I might have made a few years back (at the moment)
    so... I kinda want to test if embedding works? ._.

    (sorry if this isn't allowed ,_, also didn't want to post to General or WDYD or the official Cerberus threads in case people incur the wrath of the data-cap gods)

    EDIT: fallback direct link: https://imgur.com/myQKLgE

    (this is the video I've been wanting to make ever since I guesstimated the case might actually go in that cavity almost a year ago, and DAMMIT IT PAID OFF)

    EDIT!!: sorry for the filesize number changing. figuring which actual number is which (downloaded file is 759KB, but bandwidth number on imgur says 23MB ,_, sorry)
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    That video is hilarious. And embarrassing for Coolermaster!
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    i should have blurred out their logo shouldn't i ._.
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    this is so sweet!!!
    thanks for this
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