The space inefficiency thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aibohphobia, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Okay, but I'll hide it in a spoiler button because it's so confronting:

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    This is mine, sold it because I need a laptop :)
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    That's a great looking rig, it's really striking in red & black.
    No shame involved there in my opinion! It's UNDER 20L and ATX!!! Compared to the dreaded Evolv ITX and Manta it's tiny.
    Maybe an mATX motherboard would have been less acceptable in terms of inefficiency, and an ITX rig would have definitely qualified :p.
    If you added a couple of PCIe cards it would look a bit more usefully populated.
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    My excuse is that originally I was planning for a dual 300W GPU setup needing the space for cooling, but after multi-GPU ending up in limbo and me offloading my two R9 290X cards for a single Zotac GTX 1080 Mini, the argument changed to the fact I already had an AM4 ATX board because there was no (good) mATX or any mITX board when Ryzen launches and the fact mATX is still a limited in options for some CPU platforms.
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    This is infuriating.
    Thanks for posting!
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    Embarrassingly, I'm going to have to out-do you.
    In my defence, this is almost a direct transplant from a Dan A4, barring the swap to the NH-L12 from an NH-L9i and throwing that extra 120mm in. It's going to later be swapped to a full WC loop, and to a new board once Z390 is available.
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    Great work @EdZ!
    As I said earlier
    Brilliant to see all these Cerberus in circulation at last. 2018 is Cerberi Year?
    Looking forward to seeing how Z390 goes...
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    I too just did a transplant, from an Ncase M1. Though I did also add two fans (140mm), one on the front (below PSU) and one on top (handle kit).
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    It's as if everyone in the family got a Cerberus for Christmas.
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    No, no no no no no! :mad: The space inefficiency makes my head hurt.
    As someone mentioned elsewhere, one problem now is the unnecessary case depth left over where 3.5" drive cages have been removed from the front of the PC leaving lumps of empty space to be 'filled with watercooling stuff'.
    Not all of us WC, or need shedloads of space, as 2.5" drives and M.2 (never mind no more Optical drives on the whole), have reduced space requirements drastically.
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    Was troubleshooting and needed to use another GPU. With the Quadro installed it reminded me of this thread.

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    Now that you reminded of being reminded, I plead quilty, too.

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    Nice industrial look though. Inefficient, but it has a certain appeal to it.
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    Bringing the thread back to life with this travestry. Due to a cpu cooler issue I have had to move my rig out of my ML08 and into the old fatboy, the Air 540. Really messing my plans up cuz I'm planning on putting it in a CustomMod SFX but now idk.

    My PSU cables are too short to fit it in the spot for it and can't find any screws to place the ssd's into the hot swap bays.
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    This is amazing.
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    This APU build in a Jonsbo VR3.
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    "Subscribe for more dope fresh builds with glass panel cases that show off my sewage tier cable management."
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