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Trash Compacter
Nov 4, 2018
I've been listening a to a lot of Jeff Buckley and Dawes (specifically, anything that Buckley recorded, and the first four albums that Dawes made)


Efficiency Noob
Jul 27, 2020
I'm recently going through all the uploads of New Retro Wave, found many new favorites :
Duett - Touch_Original_Mix
Astral_Tales - Nebula
Caspro - Interspan
Crying_Vessel - Killing_Time
Dreamhour - Cerebral_Chase, Eat._Saul_Riot, Eat._Snot._Riot eat._PJ_D_Atri
Highway_Superstar - Visiondome
mr._Kitty - After Dark
Orax - Coma, Miriams Night, Protect Me, Roof_Of_Love
Powernerd - Marathon_feat._Dreamhour
Sandman - Ignite
Thunder_Porpoise - At_the_Gates_Single_2017, The_Out_There
W_O_L_F_C_L_U_B - Can_t_Stop_Falling_In_Love
Walras - Fairy Land, Last Wish, Mystic Insight, Nocturnal Sword, Phantom Scroll, Purple Valley, Vanishing Bridge, Vice beach, Witchcraft
Clio - Faces
Kebu - Le Carnaval Des Etoiles, Michael's Anthem [To Jupiter And Back '2012], Crockett_s_theme_Jan_Hammer
..will find many more


Master of Cramming
Jun 17, 2018
Found this YouTube channel today.

It has various TV Show and video game themes played on a cello across multiple tracks (all played by the same woman).

I thought it was well done and themes from Airwolf and Knight Rider brought back some fond childhood memories.

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