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    Yeah sorry about the stupid title, couldn't come up with anything better.

    Just tell us about the music you listen to.
    What genres do you like? What do you listen to on workouts, to what on work? What have you recently discovered that you really like?

    Got a favourite song? Post it here and tell us how awesome it is!
    Got a song you absolutely despise? Show to us so we can defend it or hate on it together!

    Ideally you would post a link to soundcloud or spotify or a similar service.

    Links to YouTube are discouraged because a lot of copyrighted material is not available for people outside the US.
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    I'll start with SomethingALaMode - Karios. I love that song, no matter how long I listen to it, it just has that special something in its beat that does it for me.
    Also really fun to play on the piano, but I wish I had one or two more hands for that :D
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    On another forum I frequented someone started a music thread that wasn't so much discussion, as it was people just posting songs that they liked with the links. Occasionally people would embellish a bit about a particular song or artist or listening habits. At some point the songs were catalogued in a spreadsheet with thousands of entries and a pie chart of the most active contributors to the thread :D. It was a great way to share, learn about and discover new music!

    Anyway, I like your post, and I'll follow it up with some Justice - Genesis and slow it down a bit with Hooverphonic - 2Wicky. I wish I had links that aren't youtube, but that's why there's a Artist/Title.
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    I mainly listen to the radio (Studio Brussel - Belgium) at work and BBC Radio 1 (mainly Friction and B Traits) at home while playing games. In the car I alternate between the radio and a selection of Drum & Bass podcasts (Blackout, UKF, Hospital). In the morning I get woken up by a selection of my favorite albums ranging from Gang Starr to Goldie.

    The past few years I've moved from listening to songs and albums to radio and podcasts.
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    Interesting as well :)

    You know what's funny? Genesis was my prom entry song. Walking into the hall with the first 10-20 seconds of that song playing really felt quite awesome :D

    Yeah I tried radio services as well, I like to listen to new music when I'm working, but so far everything I tried was too repetitive for my taste. Xbox Music Radio, Spotify Radio, Local radio Stations, There's so much music out there I don't need to listen to a single song more than two times a day! And if I want to do that, I can just use streaming services, not radio.

    I never really tried music Podcasts, maybe that would be a good idea.

    Following it up with Gold Guns Girls (Spotify, YouTube) by Metric, which is actually part of the Test Drive Unlimited 2 Soundtrack, btw. I'd say they rekindled my interest in rock, and Emily Haines just has a stunning voice, even if it doesn't really show in this song.
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    At work I can't listen to non-radio music because of the office environment, but it's also very much in the background for me. But for your taste, I could very much recommend podcasts, as there are excellent "broadcasters" out there that have very fresh music weekly or bi-weekly. Subscribing to a few means you'll have hours of new music every day. And it's completely free, too ! I'm getting mine through iTunes or the Apple Podcasts app, I do not know how it would work with Android or Windows Mobile though.
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    I used to listen to top 50 and Spanish music since that was the only music I was exposed to at my house. Now that can pay for my own spotify account, I've gotten into a lot of artist under the monstercat label. Stephen walking, Lazlo, pegboard nerds, Televisor (My current favorite), and anything with Veela as the vocalist. I recently discovered Danyka Nadeua and Laura Brehm as well. Ramases B (Not sure if he is still under monstercat) also has some amazing stuff (Timeless is my favorite)

    What I "don't enjoy" : Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rap, corridos.
    Why: They are overplayed (people in California like to blast and replay the same songs over and over again.) Rap I've never been a fan of in general since I haven't been able to find something I like.
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    I recently discovered Jack Garratt, and have incorporated a few of his songs in my playlist during my workouts (mostly running).

    I also pretty much always have some Silversun Pickups in rotation. Carnavas is generally one of my "Top 5" albums for any given moment - I tend to like particular songs and albums rather than bands, but they've yet to make anything I didn't thoroughly enjoy.

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    Damn, monstercat sounds like my jam, really like how their model works for the artists, too. It seems to give them some agency about what happens with their music and their not bound to that single label.
    Heard quite a few songs with Veela as the vocalist, but I never followed her actively.

    I have to say, Taylor Swifts Album Red I somehow enjoyed. It was overplayed quite fast, but good for a few listens when I had no idea what else to listen to. It probably helped that I don't listen to FM radio stations, so I didn't hear most of her songs previously.
    Have to agree about Rap, though. Nothing that I've heard in that genre ever really caught my interest.

    That first song I really like, maybe I should try some of Jacks other stuff, could be a good fit.

    Silversun pickups has a really interesting sound, but I don't know how much I would really listen to it. Generally pleasing, though.
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    I have no knowledge of their distribution model, but their curation of what they publish is quite good. I've discovered a few artists on their YouTube channel during various lazy Sunday afternoons.

    Agree completely. The replay-ability for me is low (this is pop music after all), but given that I generally detest the genre, I actually enjoy some of her songs. This compares to pop artists I for the most part just tolerate (Lady Gaga) and those that just make me shudder (Nicki Minaj, dear lord... I literally can't even :confused:).

    Jack Garratt's work is quite eclectic, and can get very experimental. This is doubly the case for his live performances. I'd imagine that most people like a subset of his work, but not all of it... Most of his live work is a bit too rough to my taste.

    SSPU is a very divisive band IMO - some people (myself included) are huge fans, some people just can't appreciate it at all. The vocals, in particular, can be bothersome to some listeners. So they're an acquired taste of sorts, I suppose.
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    Personally, I don't like the notion of "acquired tastes" with music, it always sounds like you forced yourself to listen to something so much that you started to like it.
    In the general sense of the word, though, I agree. The music you listen to over time really shapes what sort of things you like and SSPU seems to be a very good example of that.

    Oh by the way, can we talk about bands that only have one single song you like?

    My current favourite in that section is Just a Band - Huff + Puff, I like everything about that song. It has swing, the intro immediately hooks you, it mixes two genres in a way I've never heard before and the Vocals are so unusual yet pleasing, I couldn't even tell which language they mix with English there.
    Nearly everything else they make sounds boring to me, and nothing is as good as this song.
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    Is it the quality of the youtube videos or is there literally no base in that mix?
    Also a woman growling (grunting? I dunno) like that is pretty rad, didn't see that before. I do have to say though that I'm only a passive metal listener.
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    Youtube video is pretty bad for audio. You have to push at least to 720p quality to get "half decent

    I think that growling is correct, but I'm not an expert in metal wording :D. This is pretty sick nonetheless and refreshing. The guitar riffs are great too. Discovered this band this summer anf it's been a nice surprise.
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    My tastes are all over the place. Mostly electronic music but with a lot of jazz and classical thrown in for good measure. Currently listening to this:

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    Last week I went to see Massive Attack perform live in Brussels. That was a nice show, wow. Amazing sound, amazing visuals and epic music.

    One of the songs that keeps playing in my head is the stereo-heavy flutter of Risingson:

    Best heard with headphones and if possible a high-quality version.
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    Damn, that must be absolutely bone-shattering as a life act.
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    It was indeed, the visuals were also very well done, although minimal but very precisely executed:

    This was in Berlin yesterday. The first track is Risingson, the one I mentioned. You can feel the visuals aiding the fluttering sound and bringing it up to another level.
    At 10:40 is another track with an epic visual surprise around 14:50. If you were in that crowd, it was insanely beautiful. Around 27:00 is Safe From Harm, another classic.

    One more thing:
    (the entire playset except for the last two encore tracks)
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    I really like the loading bar at 10:42 in the video. Overall, I completely agree, the visuals really support the audio, that is very well done. Actually reminds me of this live performance by Nine Inch Nails of "The Great Destroyer":

    The contrast between the vocal and the "instrumental" part is striking to say the least.

    On that note, it's very cool to see how Trent Reznor has changed his public style throughout the years. Just look at the music video of "March of the pigs" from 1994, he was pretty much Marilyn Manson at that point:

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