The Motorcycle Thread


What's an ITX?
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Apr 5, 2021
Разговаривал с [USER = 1615] @Biowarejak [/ USER] об отключении мотоциклов победы в ветке «Что вы сделали сегодня», но это более подходящее место для этого.
Я хочу купить электросамокат


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Aug 26, 2020
Glad to see some other riders on here!

I started years ago with a Honda 250RR MC22 but have since moved on, currently I ride this:

I've also got a 2016 S1000RR in the works but that won't be in my hands for a year or so yet.
Old pic but a beaut:

Woohoo! I'd love to hear what people's preferred bikes are :)
Fazer 1000 without a doubt! Incredible bike. Unfortunately succumbed to user error a few years ago. Absolutely heartbreaking, but very lucky to walk away with only scratches, bruises and my wounded pride. Haven't ridden since.


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Mar 28, 2019
Oh boy! a bikers thread 🥳 I definitely need to dig deeper onto the forum to search for hidden gems!

Here is my baby: a 2007 FZ6 S2, with 47.500 Km on the ODO (266.853.932,584 bananas for the non metric users). I know is not much for such an "old" bike but with the kids and all it's been difficult to ride.

And if I could swap rides I really like the Ninja 1000SX Performance Tourer

Ride safe fellows ✌️
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