Announcement One Hundred Thousand Posts


Master of Cramming
Apr 7, 2017
Congratz!! :D
and wow, I'm under 2000?
honestly I had the impression the forum was a lot older when I joined, but I should have though otherwise because this is the best looking forum I've ever glazzed my eyes ever :)

I'm very happy to be part of this :) I was doing some remembering this week and boy oh boy
how this forum has changed me
really thank you all :) I'm very gratefull for this whole experience


Founder of Z-CASES
Feb 7, 2018
This is awesome, congrats guys!

Btw, I'd love to know more about this forum's history. Things like how it started, who were the founders and first users, the circunstances at the time, etc.
I think it would make a pretty interesting article @confusis :D