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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Windfall, Sep 5, 2018.

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    Was talking to @Biowarejak about The shutting down of victory motorcycles in the "what you did today" thread, But this is a more appropriate place for it.
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    Woohoo! I'd love to hear what people's preferred bikes are :)
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    Shooot I don't have the stones for motorcycles, although I wouldn't mind ever building or owning a Cafe Racer.

    I think these are super cool, just not sure how safe they are since they're silent.
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    Got the SFF bike lift assembled, this weekend I should get the insulation installed in the shed workshop then I can wheel the VFR in and start pulling it to bits.
    I'd love one, but the upfront cost here is huge and charging it is a pain: a Zero S without the fast charger tank (still takes 2 hours to recharge) is £10k (in brand-new Ducati Supersport territory), the Zero SR with the charge tank and charger is £20k (Fireblade SP territory).
    About as safe as any other motorcycle: you use the horn to alert people who can;t see you that you're there, the exhaust will only be heard by the people behind you that can already see you.
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