The Motorcycle Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Windfall, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Windfall

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    Was talking to @Biowarejak about The shutting down of victory motorcycles in the "what you did today" thread, But this is a more appropriate place for it.
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  2. Biowarejak

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    Woohoo! I'd love to hear what people's preferred bikes are :)
  3. Phuncz

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  4. onlyabloke

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    Shooot I don't have the stones for motorcycles, although I wouldn't mind ever building or owning a Cafe Racer.

    I think these are super cool, just not sure how safe they are since they're silent.
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  5. EdZ

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    Got the SFF bike lift assembled, this weekend I should get the insulation installed in the shed workshop then I can wheel the VFR in and start pulling it to bits.
    I'd love one, but the upfront cost here is huge and charging it is a pain: a Zero S without the fast charger tank (still takes 2 hours to recharge) is £10k (in brand-new Ducati Supersport territory), the Zero SR with the charge tank and charger is £20k (Fireblade SP territory).
    About as safe as any other motorcycle: you use the horn to alert people who can;t see you that you're there, the exhaust will only be heard by the people behind you that can already see you.
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  6. LeDelmo

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    Nice, Did not know there was a motorcycle thread on here. :thumb:

    There are so many great bikes coming out. Its hard to keep track of them all. I've been in the market for a new bike for some time but nothing has really been able to hold my attention atm. I normally ride naked bikes. But, ever sense my Enduro as stolen I have been thinking about going with something that I could still take to some trails.

    So I have naturally been watching the Yamaha T7 Concept develop. But, that one I hate to say may end up being a disappointment. The KTM 790 Adventure R on the other hand. I am very excited to see what comes out of it. Hopefully we will see something from ECIMA next month.

    I also like what Indian is doing with the Indian FTR 1200S. And hopefully ECIMA has a few other surprises for us. Would love to see a new Aprilia Tuono V4 and maybe we can all finally see the new MV Agusta Brutale.

    I currently ride a 2007 Triumph Speed Triple 1050. Been on it for years. And just love the bike to death.
    My Enduro was a 2011 Husaberg Fe570.
    And I sold my 2010 Kawasaki Kx450FSM.
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  7. Windfall

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    I want one of those sweet BMW bikes. Costs an arm, a leg, my newborn son, and the other motorcycle I never had. At least with a budget already being used for PCs.
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  8. el01

    el01 King of Cable Management

    I want a cargo trike or maybe a better Exotec bicycle ;)

    No, but if I was really to own a motorcycle, I would want either a solar-powered (gas is expensive here in middle-of-nowhere yet somewhat civilized Colorado) tricycle (adult size, although at 5"6' and compact in most dimensions I could fit on a child-sized one) to hold junk/unwanted PCs in the back. Or a Honda motorcycle. Because Honda.

    (or maybe one of the Chinese electric scooters. Those are fun to drive until someone beeps at you.)
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  9. Biowarejak

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    I've been red-lining my Taotao ever since I got it running earlier this year, probably maxing out in the low 50s when it should only do 30 mph.

    I finally purchased a proper bike off of Craigslist: a '67 model Gilera 106ss. Fairly small engine, but it should do just fine for commuting once I finish restoring it. Basically needs all new electrical, rims, tires, seat, etc. Planning on making the cables all neat and pretty, PC habits and all :)
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  10. Josh | NFC

    Josh | NFC Not From Concentrate
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    I've ridden a bunch of bikes in all different categories, but recently fell in love with older dual sports. The light kind, when they were really dual sports. I've been fixing up a DRZ-400 which is a little heavy considering the category but worlds lighter than other bikes I've been riding recently.

    Electric motorcycles actually sound appealing to me. I have a smaller electric one I fixed up "for the kids" but really I have alot of fun on it. They don't have to have alot of range for them to be useful. It's not going to replace my cruiser, and that's OK.
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  11. VisualStim

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    Honda cb175
    Honda cb125 cafe
    Yamaha Rd125
    Honda Grom 125
    Honda Grom 300
    KTM 390 Duke

    Kinda want a husky 701 but those are pricey
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  12. Windfall

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    If you don't mind me asking, was it your cruiser you were riding when you had that little accident?
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  13. Josh | NFC

    Josh | NFC Not From Concentrate
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    Nope, it was the DRZ. I had just finished putting it back together after a teardown and I didn't get the throttle cable dogs in the carb all the way, so one popped out and got stuck wide open at a light right as I was taking off. World's hardest wheelie sent me flying backwards with the bike sailing like Thor's hammer into me.

    I had a ridiculous amount of gear on because it was cold that morning or I would have been in bad shape.
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  14. Windfall

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    Ooh, that's bad man. Glad you were fine.

    I've had a similar accident (no wheelie though) on my minibike I built.

    It got stuck wide open once.
    I had to find a sandy patch, bank hard, and jump.

    After it was on it's side, I killed it.

    Always have a kill switch.
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