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Mar 6, 2017

Well, hey guys! As some of you know I've been playing around with a motorcycle project in the pursuit of SFF transportation. I have a scooter, but the reliability was dodgy at best at the start and I wanted a dead-simple engine for ease of maintenance. Enter, this beauty from the 60's. The Gilera 106SS. Not even a battery. Sears imported them from Italy to sell to teenagers, and as good a shape as mine is in, the welds look like crap so I'm planning on redoing the rear sub frame. That means I can go full cafe with a tail loop and everything. It also means I can do some aesthetically pleasing angle-matching.

Originally it had a points ignition, which I've replaced with a CDI kit from the folks over at VAPE. Paid out the nose for that, a bit less than the purchase cost of the rolling chassis. Looks like a solid replacement though. I've also replaced the carburetor with a new unit from Dellorto, via Eurocarb, which is pretty sweet. New intake trumpet and everything.

This is a project that has cost me way more than I'd like to admit, and I'm likely to deviate from a lot of plans I lay out here. First though, stuff I have to do:
  • New Handlebars
  • New Throttle
  • New Levers
  • New Cables
  • New Switches (switch box was missing)
These are required because the original handlebars integrated all of those things. The rest is mostly optional:
  • Redo Sub-frame
  • Replace Rear Shocks
  • Replace Rims (larger, aluminum)
  • New Tires (to match said rims)
  • Fresh Paint
  • New Muffler
I have rebuilt the engine and that was a pain. No internal issues though, just needed some fresh gasket goop to be properly applied. I'd have gone the extra mile and swapped some bearings, but I don't have all the tools to pull out all the things.

More pictures eventually. I got stuff to do today.
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