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Jun 19, 2015
Hey Folks,

Wow, just wow. Almost three years ago, SFF Network launched (the forum itself turned 3 in February!) to spread the word of SFF to the wider PC community. We've had some major victories, as well as some losses, but overall, it's been a fantastic time thus far.

With this, the forum has just ticked over 100,000 posts. These are spread throughout over 4,200 threads and posted by 5,800 users*. Not to mention, so many amazing projects, products, opinions, and just general greatness.

I thank users new and old, and am having a beer or three in celebration of this amazing, awesome, milestone. Now.. 1 Million posts?

Also, the Hackintoshing and eGPU subforums have been merged into the build logs and modding subforums, due to underwhelming demand.

*(We've also banned 2,400 spam accounts and deleted countless spam threads and posts for those interested!)


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Feb 22, 2017
User 1497 here. Considering I joined early 2017, in the anniversary month of the forum's 2nd year, the pace has quickened quite a lot at nearly 6,000 members!

@confusis, cheers. You and the rest of the squad have done a great service in making this space for all of us to mingle, and I will raise a cold one to y'all later tonight.


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Feb 22, 2017
How can you find your number? I'm probably around the 5,000 mark...
It is apparently in the URL of your profile page after your username and a "."

Which all seemed to add up until now because if this is accurate you are user 7603. Which does not compute in my pea-brain...


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Oct 13, 2016
862. Felt like it would be higher joining in October 2016. Feels special to be under a thousand to me. What tremendous growth for the community! Hoisting a brew to mark this momentous occasion myself.

Thanks to everyone for creating a such a terrific place in cyberspace.

Special thanks to @confusis , staff and mods and all the SFFF crew for keeping the place running.

Cheers to all!