The Chimera MachOne: For the pros. Small meets flexible.

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    No, b/c I need other projects to launch before I launch this, it's not possible to estimate at the moment.
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    Is it possible (or even ideal) for post #1 of this thread to be used for a summary of important things like expected schedule/price/progress updates etc?

    Interestingly, there seems to be an add-on for xenforo so that the first post becomes a sticky through each page of a thread.
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    ah okay take your time homie :)
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    I really want this to be my next case. White powder coat with window please.
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    Very excited about this case. I'll start planning a new build in the next few months and I think the choice will be between the MachOne and Cerberus. Hope we also get more shipping options for Europe.
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