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    Did you ever get a temp sensor like you mentioned back on page 18? I didn't see any temperature results posted for the 7900x/titan xp.
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    haven't been keeping up with the thread but i was wondering if we got any closer to the release date? Thanks!
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    Just read the thread then.
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    Yeah, seriously dude, no one likes to see someone roll up to a thread & state that they could not be bothered to read said thread, and THEN to start asking questions that are already answered in the thread...

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    Okay seriously. I’m starting to get tired of people like this. I glanced through the past two pages and didn’t get anything about a release date so I (god forbid) asked if anyone knew. I have a very busy life which is why I cannot look through the entire thread. All I wanted for was for someone who has been keeping up very closely to give me some info about it. Instead of spending your time writing that I am a asshole who doesn’t look through a thread, maybe just tell me what you think the release date is. That is why I asked the question. It’s just a question and it’s not supposed to be a situation where I dig through a bunch of pages when on the contrast I could ask people who know much more about the topic than me. I am aware he is on prototype two and he is getting temps but I heard nothing of a release date. I’m not trying to be an asshole, I’m just trying to get back up to speed without spending 45 minutes reading a ton of messages that might not even relate to my question. Thanks!
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    welp looks like there isn't any definitive release date yet, looking forward to it tho :D.
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    What if everyone asked for updates every time there's a new page? The thread would be longer and more difficult to filter/read for everyone. I don't mean to sound too harsh, but "read the thread" is the best answer in this particular case (as the answer isn't hard to find on your own)

    A moderator should delete these comments on the subject.
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    These are 1) individually drilled and 2) chamfered holes.

    I want this for the Mach One Front Panel, so I been distracted with another project to figure out the manufacturing.
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  9. imode

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    This case gonna be $500 when it comes out XD
  10. Wahaha360

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    there will be a cheaper version made with traditional bending and a high end cnc version. I'm targeting $200 to $300, depending on the panels and surface finish (powder coated vs anodized vs window)
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    Is the 200-300 for the CNC version or the cheaper version?