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(Image Credit - All images by Artesian Builds)

Artesian Builds have begun taking pre-orders for their upcoming Pluto small form factor case. Starting as a thread on SFFN, the Pluto has evolved into a premium design that incorporates real wood into the case. The top panel and feet are wood, while the side panel and frame are aluminum and steel respectively. The side panels actually wrap around and meet in the front of the case creating a unique look and design.

Three different color options are available:

Midnight Black with walnut wood.

Slate Gray with walnut wood.

Cloud White with maple wood.

The specs are an interesting and flexible set of options. Users of the Pluto can choose between SFX and SFX-L PSUs, AIOs up to 280mm, GPUs up to approximately 315mm in length and 2.5 slots wide. Additionally, through various creative mounting, the Pluto can hold up to 10 2.5" drives. If you do a custom water loop, you can support up to two 280mm radiators.

The current pre-order price is $248, and will include a PCIe 4.0 riser cable from LinkUp. The first batch will be limited to just 50 units, and component production has begun. You can order the case by visiting Artesian Build's Pluto webpage.

If you want to follow the latest updates and talk to the designers, visit their thread on Small Form Factor Network.
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