SFF Network Streacom Launches the DA2

Discussion in 'News' started by confusis, May 24, 2018.

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    What you are saying is all valid, but in the case of the DA2 the issue I have is that removing the filters practically means leaving the case open, there is no grid or anything, it's a no compromise situation.
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    I tested the H7 with 2 noctua fans and wasn't that great compared to the U9S

    The H7 Ultra is actually nowhere to be found, was announced at computex last year but I have never seen one for sale, it was basically the H7 with a more powerful fan, nothing to write home about.
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    Cool! BTW, Caseking has it, I will try, but I think that I'll have the same results...
    But, the temps are not bad, I've achieved 93 degrees on the sFFT Prime95 test with 5ghz OC and AVX offset of 3.
    Under Blender rendering, it stays at 86 degrees after 25 minutes.

    Was easy to fit the H7?
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    Not hard by SFF standards, the second fan required me to remove the WiFi module as you can see in the pictures, your Z390 Asrock seems to have and higher VRM heatsink, that could be an issue.
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    Oh, I see! Well, I'll try with one fan only than! But, do you remember how worse was the U9s compared to it? 5 degrees? Dreaming for an all black build. BTW, the ASrock is back in the DA2!
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    Are there filters on the side panels? No?
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    Included only one, but they are very restrictive. We should design some Demcifilter. They are the best!
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    Temps were the same as with U9S (both dual fan):

    I did not try with the H7 fans as intake and the side fan as exhaust.
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    So, tested today the U9S with the Noisblocker 140mm fan in exhaust, to check the performance of the new Noctua NT-H2 thermal compound.

    Intel 9900K OC 5GHz All core, AVX offset 3, -30mV offset on Vcore, RAM 3600 C16, Cache 4.5GHz.

    Prime95 (29.5 Build 9) smallest sFFT for 30 minutes, paste applied as rice grain method:

    Kryonaut 88 Degrees
    NT-H2 86 Degrees

    In any case, the temps with the U9s are not bad!!! With Heaven at the same time is reaching 100 degrees, of course. I am curious to try my Titan V in this case for its blower style cooler to see if it helps!
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    Hey man, I was wondering how did you mount the Strix. Did you remove the bottom part from the DA2?
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    The specs look pretty similar to the H7 Quad Lumi. I have that in my DA2 using a Noctua Sterrox fan (and 92mm Noctua fan for the exhaust) on a stock i9-9900K, and haven't noticed any issues yet. I did just build it a few weeks ago and haven't really pushed it yet, planning on undervolting eventually if it gets too hot. Any tests that you want me to run?
  13. fabio

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    Well, I just would like to know the temps under Prime 95, latest version, with an OC of 5ghz and AVX offset of 3, or everything in AUTO in the Bios with MCE enabled (I don't know which motherboard you have). Is it possible for you?

    So, you have the Fan blowing air from right to left, is it correct? Any other intake?

    Thank you!
  14. Veryaton

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    Great! my NT-H2 is on the way ;-)
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    Yes, the bottom horizontal case support bracket had to be removed. I also had to loosen one of the vertical brackets as well so I could squeeze the horizontal one out.
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    Cool, thanks!
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  17. Sirex

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    Thought I'd share the latest configuration of my DA2.

    My goal was really to fit one 120x25mm case fan with the filters in place in addition to the two radiators I currently use.. I failed...
    There might exist some wonky configuration after the SSD-bracket is removed that would allow for this, but I don't have an NVMe on hand so for now I concede.

    Temperatures are pretty good with reasonable fan speeds. Stabilizing at 78 CPU and 67 GPU while CPU is limited to 95 W. I might finally relax the wattage restrictions a bit.

    Some pictures:
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  18. roozter

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    You were able to order additional brackets?
  19. selectallfrom

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    You can purchase them directly through Streacom support. It should be around $9 per pair plus shipping.
  20. roozter

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