SFF Network Streacom Launches the DA2

Discussion in 'News' started by confusis, May 24, 2018.

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  2. loader963

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    Looks like Jonsbo and DanCases has a 1 night affair!!! Seriously though, looks good.
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  3. GuilleAcoustic

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    Very clever design, very versatile while still being small enough.
  4. PlayfulPhoenix

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    We've seen the concept of these "rails" for securing hardware before, but it's surprising (to me at least) that it isn't more prevalent in actual hardware. So for that reason alone I'm happy this has been announced.

    I wish it was smaller ā€“ 17.5L is up there for something that only supports mITX ā€“ but the footprint is decent, and I struggle to think of an immediate alternative that's nearly as adaptable.
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  5. ondert

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    it also reminds me old Mac Pro a bit, but at 17.5 liters.. it's not an sff for me. there are atx cases at about 20 liters.
  6. tinyitx

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    I am interested. This case will compete with Ncase M1 for my next next build.
    I have yet to see the price.
    Also, need to think through the air flow of this case.
    Anyone interested should download the pdf which provides more details.
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  7. KepKe

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    Layout from the M1 and design from jonsbo? Might sell.
  8. Freeks

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    Looks interesting since it supports big cpu coolers and I quite like streacoms build quality.

    I believe they use @dondan s A4-SFX as size comparison on page 11 in the pdf :D
  9. theGryphon

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    Yup, looks like they want a chunk out of both NCASE M1 and DAN A4, and in extension, a good chunk of the whole SFF case market.

    Internal design is quite innovative but come on Streacom, you cannot hide that 180mm width!
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  10. GuilleAcoustic

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    To their defense, they never claimed to make "the smallest case", it is stated i' their PDF ;-). Their goal was a sub 20L chassis that can adapt to any build fantasies.
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  11. Phuncz

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    In my opinion, this case is still SFF considering it's still way below 20L and supports ATX PSUs, 280mm radiators or 145mm tall coolers. For something available in retail, it's very flexible in configuration without ballooning in size.

    This seems like an excellent first step into SFF with a case that can allow plenty of the current ATX-case-sized hardware and allow to use SFF components for later.
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  12. Saudsvartur

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    After reading the press release and PDF, I am adding this case to my list of potential cases for my first ITX/SFF build. I found some of the ad copy to be hyperbole and Iā€™m not 100% set on the design (I would prefer a more efficient use of space because carry-on portability is a driving factor behind my build). That being said, if third party reviews are positive and the price including shipping is competitive with the Dan Case A4 (327mm x 112mm x 205mm) and the Ncase M1 (338mm x 160mm x 250mm), I may purchase it (340mm x 180mm x 286mm).
  13. Boil

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    Wow, this is a nice chassis, under 20 liters, and amazing flexibility...!
  14. IntoxicatedPuma

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    I'm not such a huge fan of these rails. It's how my test bench fits together and also my wife's Sunmilo case. They do have a lot of advantages but if you are adding components it can be kind of obnoxious to get the wing nut to turn sideways and secure inside the rail.
  15. MultiDoc

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    Nice case and a welcome addition to SFF options imho. I'll be interested to see reviews once released.
  16. Boil

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    First thought is to use one of these tools to reach into the rail & keep the wingnut from rotating...


    If one does not have any picks, then a heavy duty paper clip, with a few thought out bends, would do the trick...
  17. IntoxicatedPuma

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    Having a tool like this would be great. A paperclip isn't a bad idea either, but in a world of tool-less cases this is still frustrating. From my experience on the Sunmilo cases, you'll need to take the whole hard drive cage out every time you want to add a drive(and sometimes other things too). Without seeing the Stream case in person it's hard to say about that as well. I'm not saying it's a bad case or that people shouldn't buy it, for those who will build once and never touch it again it'll be great, but for those that like to change stuff a lot this style can be frustrating.
  18. Boil

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    I could see an EK 280 Phoenix AIO in here, with four 120mm fans as intake (two on top, two on bottom) & the AIO set as exhaust...

    Keeping in mind that one would need to shorten the tubing, add some angled fittings, & refill the loop...

    Positive pressure chassis, plenty of airflow, & both intakes are filtered...!

    The PSU is going to have to intake from within the chassis (to avoid it inhaling non-filtered air), and exhaust into the chassis as well (I see it mounted with L-brackets between the top & bottom front fans), but it should be alright...
  19. Necere

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    The Phoenix 280 is 335mm long, and with the case only 340mm long... I don't really see how it could fit.
  20. Sean Crees

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    So a bigger Ncase M1? meh