S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

Discussion in 'NFC' started by Josh | NFC, Jun 12, 2015.

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    And yet someone over at r/sffpc gave me so much snark about suggesting fan direction is important... thanks for vindicating me ha.
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    Anyone have any update on the new 2070 mini's which are set to release?
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    Not sure where you are at in the world but the Zotac 2070 is available now, at Newegg and Scan UK.
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    Sorry i didn't realise i needed to be more specific having asked in the s4 mini (classic) thread. I'm talking about the MSI and Gigabyte models which need little to no mods to fit inside the case.
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    In case it hasn’t been posted before
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    Being specific is generally prefered, especially considering you can fit bigger cards in this case by modifying it. It's just the best way to be helped.
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    So a few weeks ago, Josh sent me a custom CPU ventplate for my S4M-C...

    check it out:

    It goes here on the CPU-side:

    I'll be using this $14 Amazon Rotary tool and Dremel metal cutting bits:

    And I've got my #193 S4M-C all taped up and ready for surgery...

    I'll be attempting to make my S4M-C the only S4M-C with all 4 sides vented! (basically making it comparable in airflow to the newer Skyreach S4M). I will be cutting a hole around the inner edge of that Masking tape, and then I will apply the Brushed aluminum Dinoc to the vent plate, cut it to size, and then stick it on with LCDglue..

    then I'll be testing the temperature results of the new CPU-side vent!.. Stay Tuned guys!! I'll link you to the update post in my build log once it's ready.
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    Please tell me I'm not crazy...


    I'm so ashamed of this...

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    You should be... that wood stain is terrible....

    wait WHAT....?! XD
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    Hey guys,

    Been having issues (hard resets) playing games on my S4 mini with the following specs:

    Intel i7-7700 + Noctua NH l9i
    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000
    GeForce GTX 1060 6gb SC GAMING Graphics Card
    HDPlex 160W + Dell 330-Watt AC Adapter
    SAMSUNG 960 EVO M.2 500GB
    Windows 10 Home

    I thought the issue was that my 1060 was pulling too much power for the HDPlex since its factory overclocked, so I have been underclocking it using EVGA's precision XOC, setting the power target between 75-85%, but I can't seem to find a stable setting. It looks like there is a voltage setting as well but I haven't been messing with that.

    Anyone with more experience with this type of thing have some advice for me?

    I don't play especially graphics intensive games... I've gotten resets just playing Overcooked 2, Starcraft 2, and BioShock Remastered. Been able to play Warcraft 3 with no issues, but I really expected this build to handle everything I've thrown at it so far. GPU temps seem to stay around 50 C.

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    Could also be your memory settings :)
  13. hyperborea

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    Do you have any tips on how to check this? Are there any good guides for the ROG Strix bios / G. Skill memory combo?
  14. Biowarejak

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    Go to your bios and set it to stock speeds. Then test it. XMP profiles aren't always stable, but you can Google how to clock it higher and stably yourself so that it doesn't cause problems.
  15. t_sale

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    I am considering purchasing an S4 mini classic from eBay but was wondering if someone could help answer something for me:
    Josh has shown on his livestream that the new HDPLEX 400w AC-DC unit can fit in the side of the Skyreach 4 mini case without any issues. KMPKT has mentioned that the AC-DC unit should be able to fit in the side (like Josh demonstrated) with a GPU that has a height of less than 111.15mm or in the front with a length less than 170mm.
    I haven't seen any information on whether this is also the case for the mini classic. I believe the gpu area is slightly shorter than the Skyreach, correct? How long of a GPU can fit with the new internal AC-DC unit?
    Inno3D has a 2070 with dimensions of 196mmx113mm, suggesting that maybe it could fit with minor modifications and the AC-DC unit on the side?
    Or perhaps the Gigabyte 2070 with dimensions of 170mmx121.5mm with the AC-DC unit in the front?
    Any thoughts/confirmation would be greatly appreciated!
  16. CARC Mini

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    your measurements are off.

    max height to fit on the side of a SkyReach case is 116mm.

    and a classic S4 Mini will not work.

    you could try a modified SkyReach from ebay.
  17. t_sale

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    Thanks so much for the confirmation. I've been digging and digging and couldn't find a concrete answer.

    Thanks again!