S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

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    I'm with you on everything you said...except shiny paint jobs. If it's unique and done right, a paint job can be luxe.

    At least someone agrees with me on the Noctua fans. :)

    This is from the same user who has been banned here over and over. Definitely get more pictures of it before ordering.

    Hmmmm maybe I should order more...but they have a high MOQ so it would be scary to order 100 more now that I might only be able to sell the odd one here or there.

    Are there lots of people interested? I don't want people to have to use risers that are not top quality.


    Really any dremel will work, just take frequent breaks to let them cool down. The difference in the models is how much cutting time they can endure before the motor brushes burn up. Take it slow and let the wheel do the work, and follow the directions Ryan reposted. I can answer any questions you have if you PM me.
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    Are you getting black siliflex risers this time around?
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    Understandable :) I just happen to need a shorter one that doesn't have a retention clip on the GPU end; the others I've been using aren't working nicely with the bends of my loop.
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    My Schurter CPS16 arrived!

    Now I just need to wire it up. XD

    I've had it connected to the 5v line from the SATA plug on my HDplex 400, as the switch requires power to operate, however it only works to turn the system off! :p

    Now am I missing something? I thought all 5v stayed active - or am I mistaken and I should draw my 5v from one the the 24pin ATX 5v pins?

    Then its on to getting the RGB LED's to work... :)
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    That has a rather interesting look to it :) I like how it isn't chamfered around the circumference.
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    Yeah, I really like how low profile it is XD

    But it is ever so slightly chamfered around the outer edge, because I ordered the model with a 'finger guide'. However there is a completely flat version (and many other configurations).
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    Ah, I think I see now. Cool!
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  8. rosc

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    What kind of amperage does it pull? Usually the quick and dirty way to pull an always-on 5 volts is to crimp on some Dupont connectors and plug it into one of the USB headers on your motherboard.
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    I got my nfc gang all together for a little family reunion today. Mostly to show scale compared to a few other top itx cases. Josh’s cases just blow me away!

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    I would say you have a problem. But I think everyone ELSE has a problem! XD
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    "Now I realize that while I have three S3 Minis, some of you out there may have an S3 Mini of your own, and enjoying your purchase. But imagine how I must feel with three S3 Minis. I think you'll find that I am enjoying it three times as much."
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    So which dremel should I get for cutting through my 2mm aluminum S4M-C wrap-over panel?

    Dremel 6-Volt Cordless Two-Speed 7,000 & 14,000 RPM $20
    Dremel 7.2-Volt Cordless Two Speed 10,000 7 20,000 RPM $40
    Dremel-100N Corded Single-Speed 35,000 RPM $37
    Dremel-200 Corded Two-Speed 15,000 & 35,000 RPM $50
    Dremel 3000 Variable Speed 5,000 - 35,000 RPM $60

    what do you mean 5+ or 10+ is that an amount or a rating of the cutting bit?

    Sweet! I'll totally buy a dremel and ask Josh to make me a vented plate with skyslots in it! :D

    Sweet I'll PM you!

    Dude that looks amazing! Such collectors items those cases are!
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    Dremel or any small rotary tools aren't the best tool to do this to be perfectly honest haha. These cutting discs are brittle little things made from reinforced fiber. So if you accidentally made an angle and the disc's side got caught on an edge somewhere for example, it breaks. You push too hard, they break. This is why you use safety goggles - wouldn't want those shrapnels in your eye.

    So depending on your skill with the dremel, you'll end up using and breaking a few of these discs. When I cut my S4M-C's inner frame with a dremel and I broke one.

    And that's 1.2 mm steel. I'd imagine 2 mm aluminium and that big a cutout would cost me 5-10 discs. They're cheap, but my heart skips a beat when they break. Cos I don't have safety goggles haha.

    So yeah, with enough patience (slow speed, don't push too much) you can get it done. Also remember masking your cutout, and measure twice, cut once.
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  14. tumor

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    I wouldn't attempt that with a dremel. :s
    It's gonna be a mess.
  15. hyperborea

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    What a fantastic collection. Is the silver S4M powdercoated as well or is it just brushed aluminum?
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    Yes it’s jusr brushed aluminum, one of the YouTube batch
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    Fun fact:

    Steel is easier to cut with abrasive discs than aluminum.

    Funner fact:

    I wouldn't "invest" in a high end dremel. I'm all for buying good tools but I think cheaper "Rotary Tools" work ok for the light use they endure. Buy something at Harbor Freight for under 20 bucks.

    This 20 dollar kit on Amazon looks fine:


    I WOULD buy the Dremel cut off discs though...they are good. The EZ Lock kit is very handy.

    The important thing though is that you give your tool FREQUENT breaks while cutting aluminum. It will start to get hot. Take a break for ten mins. If you keep pushing through, you will burn up the brushes.

    ...Or you could do things the right way and use a angle grinder. ;)

    Whatever you do...please...for the love of MINI, practice first on some scrap!!!! There aren't alot of black MINIs left! XD

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  18. CubanLegend

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    Once my next paycheck comes in, I'm buying that Amazon kit, some Dremel Cut off discs and an EZ Lock Mandrel. :D

    I'll practice on some scrap I got, sure! :D I wanna do my #193 S4M-C justice! :)
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    Lol and here I caught some flak for cutting into #77! :p I can't help that my socket position wasn't ideal for the chassis, thankfully it turned out fine.
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  20. ryandvd

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    Also include a safety goggles and a cheap mask.. My friend gave me his 12 volts proxxon mini router with spare cutting disk, drill bits and extra bits for trimming sharp edges..Watched some youtubes guides and tips for beginners before actually using this machine.

    My first project using mini router.

    120mm hole for m350