Request for NCASE M1 Side View Dimensions


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Oct 24, 2020

Dear Ncase Support Team,

I am planning to use pelican air 1507 as my carry-on safe case for Ncase. Dimensions for pelican air 1507 are: 385mm*289mm*216mm so it will be a slightly tight fit. In this case, I think I’ll be using a customized foam for pelican case, probably an EVA foam or some other solution proposed by the shop.

I have seen another similar post here( where you provided a slice of the top view. I am wondering if you could spare some time and provide a similar sliced side view including feet and protrusions. With that side view and the depth of 160.6mm, I will be able to do foam customization through an online shop. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I’ll definitely post my carry-on case once it’s done.

Many thanks in advance,