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Mar 1, 2018
Current rig waiting for cclc
i7-7700k delidded,lm
asus z170i pro gaming
2x8gb crucial greensticks
samsung 970 evo 250gb
smartbuy ignition 120gb
wdgreen 500gb(h8 it tbh)
evga 700b
Arctic cooling freezer 13 best sff tower ive used

My previous monstrocity
7970 directcu2 (best gpu cooler evar imo)
smartbuy ignition(yeah it still works in build above)
repaired corsair h100
2x8 hyperx blu ram sticks
same 500gb wdgreen(yeah it still works in build above)
aerocool 700-750w psu
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Jan 25, 2018
Love your build. Just can't help but notice that your J1 case looks so much like the upcoming Motif Monument by Yuel Beast
Wow, I have not heard of this seller before. Must be a new startup. It does not seem they are selling yet. I see neither prices nor a way to order. Anyway, they do look similar.

Putting minor details apart, I like my J1 better for (a) native SFX/SFX-L and ATX support, (b) openings on the panel next to the CPU cooler for better ventilation and (c) openings on the back panel.

IMHO, these differences are 'improvements'. The last one is very practical because it allows the possibility of installing radiator-fan there for watercooling support and allows mounting of fan(s) to cool the rear mounted M.2 SSD on the motherboard (this I did).

One last thing. The Dark Rock TF is installed with the heatpipes pointing down. This is not optimal. It is better to have them pointing upward to avoid any potential gravity negative effect.
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Jan 25, 2018
Do you have direct link to this on Taobao buddy?
Trying to search for it in English isn't working lol.
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