Concepts & Custom Projects Section: Please Read Before Posting!

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Jan 5, 2020
Concepts & Custom Projects

Please review the following recommendations and tips before creating a thread here, to get the most out of your next awesome project thread! If you are a company (or aspire to be), please also review the Vendor Rules here before posting.

  • Have a clear and concise thread title. We suggest that this include your company name (if applicable), project name, and a very brief description.
    • Example: "Chassis Inc Quark Mk II: 4L SLI case"
  • Pick an appropriate status prefix (prefixes are explained in detail below).
  • Write a description of your project, along with relevant specifications and pictures, in your first post.
  • Make sure to keep the status prefix for your thread updated. It is also highly recommended to keep the opening post updated with the current state of the project.
Tips & Recommendations
  • Detailed specs are good: size, volume, GPU length/width support, CPU heatsink height, fan mounts, etc.
  • For measurements, metric is preferred.
  • Reserve the first few posts in a new thread to have extra room for updates, pics, specs, FAQs, etc.
  • For long-term projects, link to update posts later in the thread, rather than copy/pasting each update into the original post, to avoid having a huge wall of text at the start of the thread.
  • This is Sparta SFF.N, so be prepared for blunt and thorough feedback on everything from basic design to manufacturing specifics.
  • Take feedback into account early and often, but avoid design by committee! That is where many good ideas go to die.
  • Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I post here or in Mods?

Concepts & Custom Projects is meant for SFF-related products that are designed and built from the ground up, and are generally intended to be brought to production in some form. Modding, comparatively, is about changing/enhancing existing parts, for a build that is only meant for yourself.

What types of projects are allowed?
Generally anything, as long as it is custom and relevant to SFF. Enclosures are by far the most common, but RGB vandal switches, heatsink mounting brackets, bags, and power supplies are just a few examples of non-enclosure projects here.

Do I retain copyright over the designs I post here?
Yes. As per our Terms of Service, you do grant us a non-exclusive license to publish your content here, but you retain all copyright over your designs and content.

Can I post links to my website, pre-order page, crowdfunding campaign, etc?
Yes, but please review the Vendor Rules here.

Can I make a thread for a design or manufacturing question?
No, this section is for project threads only. Try the Mods, Builds or General section for those.

Status Prefixes
Threads in the Concepts & Custom Project section have the following status prefixes to choose from when creating or updating a project thread:
  • CONCEPT: A project idea is being presented for feedback.
  • PROTOTYPING: The project is making the exciting leap from idea to reality!
  • FUNDING: The project creators are seeking funding through pre-orders, crowdfunding, etc.
  • PRODUCTION: The project is currently in production and/or available for purchase.
  • COMPLETED: The project has successfully finished and production has ended.
  • STALLED: The project is halted due to lack of funds, technical issues, etc.

Changing Thread Status
To update your thread status, simply go to to "Thread Tools" at the top of the page, then go to "Edit Thread" in the sub-menu. The thread title can be updated from here as well.

Status Prefixes FAQ

Do I have to use all the status prefixes over the course of a project?

Nope! Only use the ones that make sense for your project.

Do I have to use the status prefixes in order?
Nope! Every project is different, and the order presented is just for reference; the intent of prefixes is to allow community members at a glance to understand the progress of your project relatively speaking.

What if my project doesn't quite fit any of these statuses, or fits in more than one?
Taking a project from idea to product is complex, and each journey is unique, so just pick the status that closest reflects the current state of the project. Feel free to contact SFF.N staff for input if you're not sure.
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