1. R

    Discussion Erase heatsink markings?

    Hi I have my eyes on a motherboard with seemingly uncoloured grey aluminium VRM and M.2 heatsinks. The top surfaces are mostly flat with some logos and slogans on, probably thin UV-printed. I would like to detach the heatsinks and erase these markings somehow. Does anyone have suggestions for...
  2. CircleTect

    Concept SPACE CASE: 3d printed mini-itx - NEW 4 slot-gpu support

    PROJECT GITHUB This project is: A case that you can make at home with nearly any consumer 3d printer A case that won't take months/years to ship 🙃 A very easy case to build in Perfect for modding Open source, so you can edit the original design files A case that will continuously receive...
  3. Moncavo

    3D Printed mods for Suzao D19 Pro?

    My main case is the Suzao D19 Pro. Just like this: And I wondering if there is some 3d Print mods for this case. Any.
  4. ArcaneITX

    Log Velka 7 /w 3080Ti + Flex-atx psu

    Recently picked up a Velka 7, and just had to pack the most nutty hardware possible into it! Specs CPU: i7-9700 (8-Core) Motherboard: Aorus Z390 Aorus Pro AX RAM: 16GB 2666Mhz CL16 (Pending upgrade) CPU Cooler: Alpenfohn Blackridge V2 GPU: RTX 3080Ti Founders Edition Storage: 2x1TB NVME PSU...
  5. TRBZN61

    Jonsbo U1 Plus Front-Fan Mod

    Hey guys i did a Front-Fan Mod on the Jonsbo U1 Plus Case ;-) Hope you like it: - Jonsbo U1 Plus with Front-Fan Mod - ASRock AB350 ITX - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (stock) --+Cooler Option 1: NZXT Kraken M22 120mm --+Cooler Option 2: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L V2 - 32GB GSkill 3000MHz RAM - Nvidia...
  6. BobyMadrox

    Log RGEEK L65S modded build - (MSI Z390I + I7 8086K + RX570 with riser)

    Hi there, Wanted to present a little project I made a couple of months ago! Being used every day for 8 months without a problem. Was stressful to make it initially, because something could have gone very wrong (had to cuts the cable and resolder to make them shorter for the build, cut the case...
  7. Questl

    Power Supply 240-360mVp-p Ripple and Noise in desired 12v ATX power supply

    This is the power supply in question. As you can see, ripple ranges from 240-320, and ripple noise from 300-360. Before I start, I'm running a Radeon RX 570 (150W) and a 3300X (65W) on a B450I (35W), so the system total clocks in around 260W, giving it decent 300W headroom. As I understand it...
  8. LegionDD

    PSU Puter - ~2L gaming PC build inside an ATX PSU

    Hello everyone, I have just finished my most compact build yet and am convinced there's no better place to get some feedback on it than here. My build fits a gaming PC (7th Gen. Intel + 1050 Ti) inside the husk of a dead, standard ATX PSU (outside volume of just 2.16L). Admittedly I have been...
  9. petricor

    Power Supply AC/DC PSU with 600W @ 12V on a ~2x8“ footprint? Help!

    Hi all, I‘m working on the basics of a 12V project - details coming soon- and it needs a LOT of power, around the 550w mark to be precise: I have a 210x54x40mm volume available for the PSU. So far I came up with two possible solutions: 1) Two 2x4” Cosel Cosma GMA 300F with a compact load...
  10. T

    Possible to switch/upgrade GPU blower fans?

    I picked up an Alienware x51 R2 as a gift this weekend for about $60. Thing wouldn't boot and I knew how to fix the problem. Once I fixed that, added an SSD, upgraded to a Dell 330w, and found a new GPU, I realized that I may have a new problem. Heat. There are a lot of people online with X51s...
  11. I

    Silverstone Raven RVZ03 and mATX

    Hello everyone ! I have a question for RVZ03 owners. Do you think that with some gentle modding (or butchering :p) you can fit a mATX motherboard (such as in my case (ahah get it ?) an Asus Maximus VIII Gene) ? And furthermore, could you still use the double PCIe slot for a graphic card (i...
  12. Dezroxx

    #NotABuildLog - Transplant with some added flair

    I purchased my Cerberus (non-X) at Christmas this past year, and have been slowly tweaking things over the past month, but with my new addition this week (RTX 2070) I thought I might share my own build and thoughts on some customization ideas I had for the case. My setup is mostly a transplant...
  13. JohannesMP

    Internal Skyreach 4 Mini schematics for layout planning

    I'm hoping use the Skyreach 4 Mini in a brickless build, but am having a hard time finding schematics/dimensions for the internals to use for planning the layout. When browsing the HDPlex website, they include some really useful diagrams for some of their parts, such as the HDPLEX 400W AC-DC...
  14. ImmaculateDoge

    Soldering 6-pin power to Zotac 1050 mini?

    So an idea came to mind when I was examining the PCB of a Zotac 1050 Mini. This card has no extra power input, drawing all its power from the mobo. But on the PCB there is a place where a 6-pin connector could easily be soldered. Would the card accept power from a power cable with no further...
  15. zaozabot

    10L Jonsbo V3+ Custom Gaming Build

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Ukraine. I would like to share my SFF Build, because i didn't find anything of this kind on the forum. In my opinion Jonsbo V3+ case is perfect balance between case size, cooling capabilities and performance per liter. Of course, not without some...
  16. K

    Modding Flex ATX PSU

    I am going to be building a PC with a flex atx power supply. I will be shortening the cables and doing custom sleeves regardless of which psu I choose. I also plan to replace the fan if necessary, and am considering an 80mm fan mod. My question is should I go with this FSP 500w 80+ Platinum OR...
  17. K

    Power Supply Flex ATX PSU help!

    I am going to be building a PC with a flex atx power supply. I will be shortening the cables and doing custom sleeves regardless of which psu I choose. My question is should I go with this FSP 500w 80+ Platinum OR the FSP 500w 80+ gold? The platinum model does not have a pcie connector, but I...
  18. Jmmods

    Production Jmmods Micro ITX Custom Acrylic Case

    Hi Everyone!!!!! I wanted to share my mini itx case build that I had been working on for some time with this group. I have pretty much completed these case but with some small tweaks here and there but in all it is almost perfect. The case one one single fan mounted on top and it is a...
  19. confusis

    Post Your Rig/ Setup

    Just noticed that we didn't have a post pics of your setup thread, so here goes: Yep, no pics of mine, it's too big :P Here's a pic of the test rig to tide you over though..
  20. Windfall

    Cisco LAN UPGRADED- i5-7600k, 8GB DDR4, PicoPsu

    Some have you may have seen my 3.5L HTPC One- The case I got inspiration from had belonged to my brother, who is interested in Industrial Automation. I managed to trade a 32GB flashdrive for it. Upon closer inspection, I found it was a Cisco Wireless Lan Solution Ee 2.13. I gutted it, as seen at...