More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

Discussion in 'Vendor Marketplace' started by guryhwa, Apr 26, 2017.

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    thats awesome !
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    So how many products does he sell ?
  3. rawsh

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    Hey man, what's the price for the 5th set with all cabling, brick, and "i7+1080ti" support? I'm assuming that's 500w? I'm interested in it for a dan case build
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    Hey, @guryhwa

    I need good reliable low power PSU.

    Will be used on HTPC/Home server and ran 24/7. The system is Ryzen 5 2400G powered and will have 2x3.5" HDD's and 4-6 fans with fan controller. I think 160W should do.

    All this needs to fit into , instead of where GPU is I will have two hard drives. I prefer to have this rig brickless but worst case scenario small brick will do.

    1. Ryzen 5 2400G
    2. Gigabyte B450-i AORUS Mobo
    3. 2x 8Gb DDR4 ram
    4. nvme SSD x1
    5. HDD's x2
    6. Fan controller running about 4-6 fans

    Connectors needed:
    • 2x SATA connectors
    • 1x 4+4 CPU power
    • 1x ATX power 24pin
    • 1x Molex??

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thank you
  5. Thehack

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    I believe Gury responds pretty much only Discord.

    You'd need 2x SATA, 1 4pin CPU and whatever your fan controller needs. Some use SATA, some uses molex.
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  6. Kmpkt

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    @guryhwa Do you do 19V bricks or just 12V bricks? Specifically wondering about 600W modified 19V Dell bricks.
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  7. br3nd0

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    I'm almost certain he built a 19v setup and/or brick for someone who requested one in the discord channel a couple/few months back...

    As @Thehack said though you're probably better off asking over there as Gury only seems to post major updates here.

    A 600w 19v brick sounds achievable though, by what we've seen Gury do previously!
  8. robbee

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    I'm not sure if he mods Dell bricks anymore though, I've ordere a base archdaemon unit a couple of weeks ago and got a custom built brick. It has a small fan (which you can disable), is built of metal and feels so solid that you could houses with these bricks.
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  9. dragon50305

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    Do you know what wattage his custom brick supports? I haven't seen anything about it.
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  11. dragon50305

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  12. ashevar

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    Actually, he has several different options. Mine is 1KW and has two XT90s along with a USB C and A port for QC/PD. Right now it's running my PC and a laptop and will have a second full PC hanging off the other XT90 soon.
  13. guryhwa

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    sorry for i dont have much time to show what i had made:
    from left to right:
    G-brick supremacy:12V 500watts to 1200watts 80plus platinum to titanum,with one/two 4cm pwm fans;19V 500watts to 1100watts ,other voltage is available,like 24V 36V 48V,,dual XT90 dcjack(dual 12V,12V/19V,etc) ,USB-C QC/PD port can be customed
    G-brick ultimate:previos version ultimate modded brick with Aluminum case and 1/2 3.5cm silent fan,300watts to 500watts available,equal to 80plus platinum
    G-brick slim:12V 400watts to 600watts with 4cm pwm silent fan XT90 dcjack,80plus platinum

    and some other brick is also accept order like:
    100watts per inner fin ,12V or 19V ,80plus platinum
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    @guryhwa those all look awesome. Do you have dimensions for the g-brick slim?
  15. guryhwa

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    this is the panel of a supremacy brick which is customed as dual XT90/ 12V 100A output,with 30watts USB-c QC PD,and external pwm fan control.

  16. Elerek

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    that stacked-fin psu looks awesome! Just add moar fins for moar power!
  17. diceboii13

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    To Europe, how much time I need to wait?
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    Has anybody had problems with a gunique psu such as over heating?