More G-unique BTO PSUs are now available(direct order)

28th Nov 2018,announeced Gunique U0 experience suite price:

400watts set 199USD

500watts set 229USD

price include:

complete psu set(ultimate modded brick,1x 1.8M 10awg dc cable,1x archdaemon limited internal psu,1x MB tray,1x riser card ,1x cpu 8pin cable,1x pcie 8pin cable),1x case/enclousre,shipping to usa(other country+10usd),

upgrade option:
2nd pcie 8pin cable+4.99usd,
8awg dc cable+sleeving in black +9.99usd,
2x2.5 disk bay and 2x12cm sata cable 24.99usd

this month's order will ship in next month

order method:
  1. PM me @guryhwa or send me an email ,or join our discord group telling the hardware configuration and case model,and what kind of basic unit you like to use,the detail cable requirement,what power of adaptor,etc,anything would help me to built to your order.also your shipping address to check the shipping rate for you(mostly via sf-express);
  2. if everything is confirmed,I will send you an invoice via paypal,after you paid it,you order will be arranged asap ,usually it will take about 5-7 days to ship.

all G-unique PSUs are handmake/handcraft of Gury,who is running a one person SMPS workshop.

prices of parts and custom options:
Base unit (12V-in type,no cables)
  • TYPE C,code name Arch Deamon,$49.99,suitable for 120watts-500watts
  • PCB height 27mm
  • Main componets introduce:21 pcs KEMET T520 polymer tantalum Capacitors,2 pcs WE 1090 Inductors ,TI NexFet powerblock,2 toshiba P-mos for 12V loadswitch(4mR Rdson) ,1 infineon mos for 5V load switch;
Arch Deamon can be upgraded ($24.99)to limited edition by add an additional TaCap armor with 28 KEMET T520 polymer tantalum Capacitors,which make total 49 pcs T520 polymer tantalum !

  • to be continued
cables and connectors:
all cables can be customized and soldered to the basic unit,so it is reliable , killed the loss of connector,withstand for large current.

    • Default cables set:
    • [20cm CPU 4+4pin cable,(20awg PTFE silver plated or black silicone wire)] + [30cm+15cm sata*2 cables (20awg PTFE silver plated or black silicone wire)] + [DC input cable with 5.5*2.5 DCjack,30cm 16awg black or white Silicone Wire] +$4.99
    • Custom Cables Length & Connectors (change length,add PCIE 6+2,CPU 8pin,SATA,4pin peripherals)+$4.99 for each set;(t the PCIE cable are soldered to a tiny load-switch behind the dc-jack pcb which is sync. with the basic unit,so count the PCIE cable 's length from dc-jack

    • Custom DC Jack +$9.99 ,Dell dedicated 8pin:

    • Custom DC Jack 7.4*5.0,with 14AWG DC cable:+$14.99:,
    • Custom DC Jack 4pin Din,with 14AWG DC cable:+$14.99
    • Custom DC Jack :GX-16,GX-12 aviation plug,S4 mini DC-jack with 14AWG DC cable ,+$19.99
Power adaptor
  • Power adaptor
    • 300w $59.99 STD version (12V25A,Modded Delta OEM,DELL brick,100-240Vac input,original plastic case and 8pin dc cable :3 pairs of 16awgs +1pair 26awg DC output wire)
    • Ultimate version 400watts $89.99(12V>=34A),450watts $99.99(12V>=38A)Fix and Mod for high temp operation and high reliability,main unit's effiency higher than 80plus platinum,220Vac in,half load )
    • All Ultimate dell brick's dimension is 20cm*9.4cm*3.9cm ALuminun case DC cable of 1 pair of 10awg silicone wire XT90 dcjack(45 amper rated,90 amper peak),500watts brick with 1 pair of 8awg silicone wire,500watts brick is installed dual 3.5cm ultra silent panasonic fans(with temp controlled RPM),other fans mod is an option of 19.99USD
    • secondary spare brick will get a 20% discount.
    • Higher power brick/internal psu can be customized
    • pls prepare a C14 ac cord cable yourself~
    • every dell Brick are modded to increase its efficieny,enhanced its internal heat spreading rate,every modded brick have over-current-protection,short-circuit-protection,over-voltage-protection,over-temp-protection.and they have their own safety certification required by DELL.
any basic unit:3 years ,return and repair;anybrick 1 years,return and replace;user pays return shipping
build samples:
1,Arch DEaMon 120watts set with Default cables,Dcjack is 5.5*2.5 type:

2,typc A basic unit 400 watts set,with one 6+2 pin PCI-E connector,4+4pin CPU connector,and 2 sata connectors.input 8 pin(2 M3 screws)DC jack.the PCI-E cable is soldered on the Load switch PCB(On/Off synced. with basic unit) right behind the DC jack,and it ismuch safer than other pcie direct connected to VGA method,for the house-keeping supervisory ship on basic unit will monitor the input voltage,if trigger an OVP,it will shut down the PCIE power:

3,ArchDEaMON limited edition(No1) 400watts set ,Dell dedicated 8pin DC-jack with C14 BRK:

4,VX set for PCfi CAS,5.5*2.5 DCjack ,linear regulator you can compare Gunique PSU with other band's PICO constomized directly soldered cable,Gunique saved lot of precious and limited space on the basic unit,and offer you more and more components like capacitors ,mosfets etc. to increase performance(not by those big,cheap connectors).
and cause it is 12V-in type PSU,it generates little heat that it dont need any heatsink to cover.

5,Arch Deamon limited edition (No2)+ultimate version Modded brick ,dual pci-e 6+2pin VGA cable witn one changable,this set can run i7+1080ti or titan pascal:

to be continued
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Dec 30, 2020
Hi there i'm so interested to your Pico PSU. How to order it?, I'm planning to get a 400W with 1x PCIE 6+2 pin, CPU 8 pin in all default lengths and black color cables


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Mar 22, 2017
Hi there i'm so interested to your Pico PSU. How to order it?, I'm planning to get a 400W with 1x PCIE 6+2 pin, CPU 8 pin in all default lengths and black color cables
Go to his discord and direct message him there


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Dec 22, 2019
still available? im frustrated with my 400w hdplex and 330w brick constantly turning off in games and overheating.


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Apr 30, 2016
still available? im frustrated with my 400w hdplex and 330w brick constantly turning off in games and overheating.
Bad news, friend. Gury has been MIA for quite a while. So likely not unless someone has one they'll sell you.