G-Unique Plug&Play Units Pre-Order!

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April 29 2017 Update: @guryhwa is now taking orders direct: https://smallformfactor.net/forum/t...bto-psus-are-now-available-direct-order.1983/

Hey guys! Finally, we are ready to start accepting pre-orders for the G-Unique Plug&Play Units! XD

Why are you opening pre-order and not directly selling the units? I'm glad you asked! January 28th will be the Chinese New Year and @guryhwa will be taking a break. Accepting pre-orders will help guryhwa to prepare the orders more efficiently.

All prices and custom options:
  • Base unit (no cables) $34.99
    • Default cables set ([25cm 4pin/8pin cable] + [30cm+15cm sata*2 cables] + [DC input cable]) +$4.99
    • Custom Cables Length & Connectors +$14.99
    • Custom DC Jack +$9.99
  • Power adapter
    • 120w +$9.99
    • 220w +$14.99
    • 300w +$39.99
    • 400w +$49.99
So how to pre-order?
  1. Head over to our google form[https://******/forms/accqdgRrDhdtmTlq1], read all the terms and conditions, and fill out the information&all the customization options.
  2. Submit the form and wait! We will contact you within 48 hours and send you an invoice if everything is good. If we are not sure about something we will contact you as well!
  3. Pay your invoice via our Paypal.me link or send money to us via GOODS AND SERVICES(very important). After that, reply our email with your PayPal email address and account name, as well as a screenshot for us to confirm your payment.
  4. After confirming your Payment, we will send you a confirmation email, and you are good to go! :D
The FIRST 10 people who paid the invoice will receive a free 120w power adapter or a 10$ discount on the order! :D

Not sure what G-Unique Plug&Play Units are? Head over to this thread to learn more!
For more information, feel free to contact me via PM or send me an email: brian1461748123@gmail.com!

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Mar 12, 2017
Sorry to ask so many Qs...

-What is the current lead time (shipping to Canada)?
-Will it come with some sort of mounting plate for 8 pin connector, or should I be looking at a custom input?
-Is there enough space to have the following connectors in addition to the power brick input? CPU, PCI-E and SATA, or should I just use a 4 pin to SATA cable for SSD power?
-Is a 220W brick enough for a GTX 1060, 2x SSD, and a 65W CPU (non-k 7700 or possibly a 65W ryzen 5). Would I be better off with a higher power brick for more headroom? I've noticed there are a lot of the dell bricks available pretty cheap on ebay in NA, and I imagine it would cut down shipping costs from China if I picked up a 12V power brick closer to home.

Thanks for your time!


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Feb 15, 2017
I want to order this but don't know whether you ship to Kazakhstan or not.
If you do, how much would the shipping cost?
I have a g4560, 750 ti, two RAM sticks, HDD+SSD, what exact combination do I need to power everything?
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