Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case


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Mar 6, 2016
That wasn't my main question
If the GPU area is not in use can you fit a PSU?
Sorry I wasn't clear.

The Pure Mk2 is designed for a PSU from the getgo.
I recommend the mentioned AC/DC and DC-DC because that is what will work and fit inside the case for sure..


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Oct 12, 2020
I sent out the unpainted sample after take a few pictures, so unfortunately I don't have an unpainted version anymore.

I think the black version should be back in late November, once I get around to shipping all the pre-orders. But, time-line is very fluid and it is easy to get hit with delays.
Thanks for the information. Will you let us from here when it's available? Also, is it certain that there will absolutely be the black version? If so I'll definitely wait for the black version.

I don't recommend HDPLEX, as their DC-ATX unit has a large heatsink which may cause fitment issues.

I recommend Meanwel RPS + J-Hack Plugin 200X or the PicoPSU 160XT.
Are you referring to this kit by J-Hack Plugin 200X?
I want to buy the black version of this gorgeous case along with the Meanwel RPS + J-Hack Plugin 200X and all the necessary cables for my apu build. All at once.
Just waiting for case and Meanwell, etc. to be available.