Funding Gemcase C8 APU 4.1L - 65mm cooler, GPU, hdplex, flexATX

    We are announcing new Gemcase C8 APU this is a mini ITX PC case with external volume ~4.1L. The case supports internal PSU HDPLEX and low profile, one slot GPU(or another PCIE device) it features space for two full sized 80mm case fans to maintain, a consistent temperature while creating minimal...
  2. D

    Log Best "APU" case for SSH only 3700x

    I have an old 3700x CPU that I want to use as a server: I don't need on the motherboard to support a GPU/APU/HDMI/whatever, just an ethernet port, ideally 2.5G but 1G would be OK. If I can add a couple of 2.5 SSD in the case this would be even better. What would be the smallest case I could...
  3. Densium.net

    Stalled [Pictures of Prototype] Densium APU, 3L, HDPLEX 250, 47mm cooler, Hardwood frontpanel

    Densium APU HDPLEX 250W PSU - 47mm CPU cooler height - 3 Liters - Signature Densium Design ------> [VIEW IN AR] <------ Updates/Info/Changes/Discussion below pictures New update 16.05.2023 below pictures 16.05.2023 update: Hello everyone! I suppose by now "everyone" has heard...
  4. infoberg

    Log 3LVIS: (3) (L)itre (V)ery small case with (I)nternal psu and (S)creen

    3LVIS: (3) (L)itre (V)ery small case with (I)nternal psu and (S)creen Part 1: The journey begins Introduction This build was inspired by (or blatantly copied from, depending on how you look at it) the build log by BaK titled "B01T3 ...a 3L Brickless APU Build..." - genius title btw, love the...
  5. S

    Discussion Vertical, brickless APU ITX case where motherboard outputs at the top?

    Very specific I know, but I'm after a vertical case where the: Motherboard outputs at the top (in the same way the Phanteks Evolv Shift Air 2 does) Has sufficient room for an HDPLEX 19v 300w (my motherboard is 19v thin-ITX) Depth is as little as possible to minimize desk footprint At least one...

    Log how to turn a game console into an SFF PC - or - the fastest APU build to date

    Introduction: Have you ever heard something about the AMD FireFlight APU? Probably not, because this is a custom AMD APU made for a Chinese Game Console called the SUBOR Z+ which was supposed to compete with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X on the Chinese market. Well, the SUBOR Z+ was a quite...
  7. wesbl

    Production Phonon Case: 3D Printed 5.6 liters brickless APU case

    I wanted to focus on a few essential things: ease of printing, modular panels design, unibody appearance, no visible screws, high dissipation capacity (due to my experience with the 3400g). The case is designed for APU users and uses a Flex ATX power supply above the PCIE slot. The cpu cooler...

    Production RCC-SMALL1 / a brickless 4L case with LP dual slot GPU support and lots of space for SSDs

    Limited quantity available now: REVOCCASES.COM RCC-SMALL1 provides a 4L package if you are looking for: a rock solid compact case decent CPU and GPU performance with internal power supply (brickless without compromise) lots of internal storage for Games, Movies, Work, etc... Features...

    Completed RCC-THIN1 - a brickless thin mini ITX case with many possibilities (HTPC, NAS, APU, etc...)

    RCC-THIN1 is an enclosure for THIN MINI ITX builds. Rock solid, made from 2mm / 5mm thick aluminum. Comes with a 19V / 130W internal power supply and ultra thin 65W TDP CPU cooler (Silverstone customized OEM model). This case looks simple but offers many possibilities... Example 1: Brickless...
  10. CC Ricers

    Selling Assorted mini ITX parts: H370 motherboard, i3-9100F, Flex PSUs, fans

    Selling some computer parts to downsize my main build. These are all in used or like new condition. The prices exclude shipping (unless stated otherwise), and I can only ship to the US for now. I'm planning on parting away with my Intel setup (plus with an integrated GPU so I can do test builds...

    Prototype RCC-COOL65 - small wind-tunnel / tower cooler with 60x25mm Noctua support

    while searching for some suitable sub 65mm tower cooler for one of my next (wind-tunnel style) case designs I found this little gem... it is selling under different brands around the globe but I managed to find the OEM and could probably get a good deal for the community if there should be...
  12. Thehack

    Prototype J-Hack Pure Mk2 APU case

    Please go to take this survey! https://forms.gle/u9AsRVYZSw19keaA6
  13. TheHig

    Closed [US] B350/450itx mobo

    EDIT : CPU found. Just looking for a Mobo. Rebuilding my HTPC and looking for an AM4 itx board and 2200/2400g. Shipping to OH 45243 and have PayPal for payment. Thanks everyone!
  14. T

    Enclosure Will Streacom f1c Evo support a 95w TDP cpu

    If the rumors are true about the upcoming Zen 2 then I plan on buying the 3600G (8/16, and 20 Navi cu) and putting that in the Streacom F1C. I wouldn't think about overclocking it and may even undervolt it. I plan on having a noctua pwm 40mm case fan. I plan on using a m.2 so I am unsure if I...
  15. T

    Smallest (and cheapest) Case and PSU options for APU?

    Hey everyone! I've been looking around the forums lately trying to find a suitable case and power solution for a computer I want to send to a friend as a gift. He doesn't have a PC and hasn't ever played on one so I'm trying to start him out on something cheap as a gift and allow him to get a...
  16. boingk

    Inwin BQ656 mobile gamestation

    Evening all. I've had the building bug for a while and love SFF / ITX builds. After a while I started thinking 'how small can a fully featured build get?' and, of course, I ended up building something. My criteria were for it to be easily portable, fully self-contained (no power bricks)...
  17. CC Ricers

    Cheap lil' Linux gaming box

    This is an offshoot build from a past build log that didn't take off. The case size will be roughly the same, but of a new design. It's a design I haven't revealed yet but I hope would be able to reuse and easily refine from. As the title states this will be for a Linux system. As I'm finally...
  18. B

    Concept APU Case, semi passive

    Hey I'm Chris from Germany, i have a dream ;-). A steal case, high airflow, positive pressure and dust filtration. It has to be dead silent, a clean look and robust. - exept the front fans no moving parts. That is what i ended with. I want to use a hd plex pico, if its available in near furure...
  19. Smitty Werben

    Stalled Ultra small cnc-milled itx case

    Hey guys, I have started working on a mini itx case for myself about two weeks ago. While working on it I decided to try and make an actual product out of it. Specifications: Dimensions: I am planning 3 versions and for each 2 heights (Mini ITX 65 mm and Thin Mini ITX 50 mm), so 6 sizes in...
  20. JetA1

    Prototype E21: 3D printed 3.2L APU case

    Introducing my first project case! Case Specifications: Dimensions: 210*200*70, ~3.2L ITX motherboard without GPU Cooler height with M.2 SSD: 48mm Cooler height with 2x 2.5'' drives under motherboard: 40mm built for external power bricks Rev 1 prototype: The prototype was built...