Advice How well would this work in theory?


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May 14, 2020

Yup, another NR200 advice is needed. Please bear in mind that i'm after looks and aesthetics compared to performance.

So, I've made a rough sketch of the layout and i don't really know how to go from this point. I would like your feedback on the layout itself and fan orientation

Feedback in general but specifically on these points:

1) How much would the 92mm rad help out in general? I put the rad there to help out the GPU a bit before hot water coming from CPU hits it.

2) Bottom rad and fan orientation:
i see that 120mm can fit between gpu block mand 240 rad and the space is tight!
Would two 120mm do the job or go with slim 1200mm on top and Full-size 120mm underneath the case? i would properly lift the case a bit.

2a) Fan orientation for rad: Intake or exhaust?

Download for bigger picture


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Dec 18, 2019
More radiator surface area is always better.. thats an easy one. As for fan config, I would go with more exhaust than intake. Dual exhaust on the 240. Can you put an intake fan on the 92? Try out different configs and share the results. That kind of experimenting is always popular on here.