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  1. A

    Advice How well would this work in theory?

    Hello, Yup, another NR200 advice is needed. Please bear in mind that i'm after looks and aesthetics compared to performance. So, I've made a rough sketch of the layout and i don't really know how to go from this point. I would like your feedback on the layout itself and fan orientation...
  2. M

    Enclosure Taobao SFF Case help

    hey guys, so this is actually my first post here. I've been looking at this case after I saw a post in r/sff (the K39) and I was intrigued with all the different Taobao cases I've seen. However what really caught my eye was the case shown at the bottom of this page...
  3. DSmithBYU

    Selling Selling PC components! (RX 480 4GB/HDPlex/Dell Brick)

    Good day. I live in CA 90815. For payments, I recommend paypal. USA buyers only. HP RX 480 4GB OEM GPU (Used, currently works) - $180 HDPlex 400w HiFi DC-ATX (New) - $70 and SOLD. HDPlex 300w AC-DC (Used) - $50 and SOLD. Dell 330w power brick (Used) - $50 and SOLD. Cooler Master Hyper...