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  1. deciMal_oNion

    Log [Build Log] SSUPD Meshlicious - 5900X/3080ti - Custom Loop

    Hi All, After quite a journey I recently finished my full custom loop build in the SSUPD Meshlicious so I thought I would share. The goal was to test myself with a full custom loop SFF build with no compromise in performance. Overall, I am very happy with the results! Water temp sits at ~35C...
  2. A

    Discussion NR200 custom loop - How vital are top airflow fans vs top static fans?

    Hello, I'm doing a custom loop in my NR200 and i got 4 static pressure RGB fans that i might use. I also have stock 120mm cooler-master fans as well. My question lies in how much difference airflow fans are going to make since the entire loop is on water? I know it's all about exhausting hot...
  3. A

    Advice How well would this work in theory?

    Hello, Yup, another NR200 advice is needed. Please bear in mind that i'm after looks and aesthetics compared to performance. So, I've made a rough sketch of the layout and i don't really know how to go from this point. I would like your feedback on the layout itself and fan orientation...

    Production REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | industrial style case with 180mm fan and rad support

    REVOCCASES - RCC-MID1 | SFF mini-ITX DIY Case a unique industrial style case with focus on good thermals and low noise pre-orders and more info: Specs: Dimensions: 296x197x197mm // 11,5 liter , vertical or horizontal orientation CPU cooler clearance: <=106mm with SFX PSU /...
  5. caboose

    Ncase M1 Custom Looped for Silence

    What's up everyone, I just finished my latest build using the Ncase M1 v6 and some fresh AMD goodness. My previous system was in a Dan A4 and it was great for portability but it was loud as hell under gaming and firing anything up in handbrake immediately pegged the CPU at 95c. Unfortunately...
  6. R

    Custom loop for Nouvolo steck

    Hi everyone! This is my third itx custom loop build. I got Ncase at first and then PC-Q37. I really enjoy assembling pc, and this time I want to try a sandwich style itx case custom loop. I finally got nouvolo steck for my build, I will share some pros and cons of steck and ghost S1...
  7. M

    ̶N̶o̶d̶e̶ ̶2̶0̶2̶ ̶v̶s̶ Evolv Shift - build advice

    Hello to SFF community :) Recently I got bitten by the SFF bug, and since I would like to build a new system I'm thinking of going small. I really like vertical enclosures, but I have zero experience with SFF. What I'd like to put inside: CPU: i5 9600k or i7 9700k MOBO: MSI MPG Z390I Gaming...
  8. O

    My first SFF and custom loop Build - Need your taughts (Raijintek Ophion Evo No Compromise)

    Hi all, I wanted to share my first ever Mini ITX build and also it is my first ever custom loop. I took a lot of time planning everything in order to have the most space efficient, the most powerfull build with the best cooling solution for a Mini ITX build. An almost no compromise ultimate...
  9. N

    TT Core G3 - 3 Rads - Custom Loop - 24.5L

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at a custom loop so excuse the im-perfections from the build. At 24.5L, the core G3 is hardly an SFF case, but it only supports SFX PSU so it stands in a weird spot. Anyways, if you follow any of my other post, I've mostly dealt with and experimented with all...
  10. madmax

    Measures of the tubing pass-throughs of M1?

    I'd appreciate if someone could tell me the following measures of the M1's tubing pass-throughs at the back, as these specs are quite difficult to find. What is the diameter of the pass-throughs without the rubber grommet? What is the distance between the pass-throughs, center to center? I'm...
  11. Voldorac

    Cooling AIO Cooler Swap

    Hello! Has anyone tried to swap out a AIO Cooler head pump with tubes, from a bigger radiator to a 92 mm Alphacool Radiator, to fit in one of your systems? Or do I have to learn everything I can about "Custom watercooling" and spend hundreds of $? I'm using a Ncase M1 Specs: Ncase M1...
  12. BaK

    News XSPC Launches TX Series Ultra Thin Radiators

    Let me relay here an info @Wahaha360 published in the [H] forum: The world's thinnest available PC radiators at just 20.5 mm thick Available in 120mm, 240mm, 360mm and 480mm sizes.
  13. AdamAlex

    Parvum Titanfall 2 - mAtx custom loop

    I finally finished my first water cooled build, Leave some feedback if you want
  14. royalba94

    [GPU related] Watercool it, trade it, or wait to upgrade?

    Hey all! As the title says, I'm trying to analyze my options for watercooling my zotac 980ti - bitspower apparently made a block for it at one point but I can't find anywhere to buy it :/ And before anyone asks why I want to watercool it since it has such a great cooler already I'll answer...
  15. JHesselgrave

    Custom Basement in the Phanteks Evolv Shift?

    I'm going off to college, and I'm going to need a smaller case then the Define S. So I'm planning on building in the evolv shift. I want to put a full custom hardline loop into it, as of right now my plan is to mod a basement around the bottom portion (PSU area) to put the pump, radiators, etc...
  16. N

    Ncase M1 - Fully Custom

    Much thanks to Josh from NFC for the window side panel. All other work was done by me. There's even a drain port hidden behind the front panel. Hopefully @Necere will make the Ncase M5 so I can do an ATX custom loop inside it.
  17. Kamiii

    Cooling Pump/block/res combo am4?

    Looking to build a custom loop in a node 202, hehe. Anyone know of any good pump/block/res combo's for am4? Would help me out a lot!
  18. Nanook

    Phanteks Evolv Shift custom loop

    I loved the look of this case, and had wanted to build a custom loop in it. The Shift X was probably the smarter choice as it providers ample surface area for radiators, but that would have been too easy... The Shift isn’t really SFF, but it’s foot print is relatively small. Parts Intel 6700K...
  19. royalba94

    Concept Modular and Watercooling friendly SFF cases...

    Hello everyone! I'm working on a couple case ideas I have but today I thought I'd share my ideas regarding my Micro ATX version of the case. The Backstory: This all started when I was trying to come up with a way to mod an S4 Mini to accept watercooling. I started off with designing an...
  20. Mince

    Concept My first case design, Water Cooled

    As the title suggests, this is just a concept. This has been a very enjoyable project of mine that I've been working on for some time now. Being 15 and having access to a student version of Autodesk inventor 2017, I decided to make what was originally some sketches into an actual design in...